Timeline: 1741-1750



  • October. Upon outsiders arriving in Derry Township in the Maine district of Massachusetts Bay Colony, they find the entire town completely deserted.1


February 24. Joseph Banks is born in London, England, Great Britain.
April 13. Thomas Jefferson is born in Shadwell, Virginia colony.


November 22. Abigail Smith is born in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony.


  • Martial artist and security specialist Yu Shun Lien reunites with her old friend Li Mu Bai, who gives her the legendary sword Green Destiny. Shun Lien soon meets Governor Yu's daughter Yu Jiaolong, who is secretly the apprentice of Mu Bai's archenemy Jade Fox.3


  • April 16. The Battle of Culloden between Jacobite Scottish rebels and the English takes place. It is the final skirmish of the uprising.4 Among the rebels is young piper Jamie McCrimmon (22).
  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Ben Jackson (23), and Polly Wright (24) arrive in this era via the TARDIS, and help a group of Scottish rebels who had been captured by the English. They befriend one of them, a youth named Jamie McCrimmon (23), who joins them on their travels.5

Jamie McCrimmon (27), after years of traveling with the Doctor, is returned to this era and rendered amnesiac of all of his adventures traveling in the TARDIS.


The Doctor (second incarnation), working as an agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency, recruits Jamie McCrimmon (29) as his companion once again. Jamie's memories are restored. After many adventures, he is once again returned to this era, amnesiac.


January 29. Christian VII is born in Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark, Denmark-Norway. He is son of King Frederick V.
Jamie McCrimmon (32) is attacked by the time-traveling Mindy Vor. His memories temporarily return. He barely manages to defeat her.


  • March 22. On the island of Themyscira, the Amazon Hippolyta is entreated to forge a child from clay. It comes to life. She names the baby girl Diana.6


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