Timeline: 1711-1720



  • The Guardians of the Universe assemble the most noble and brave individuals from each sector within their self-appointed purview. Giving them each a power ring capable of tapping into the Guardians' Central Battery, they name them the Green Lantern Corps and assign them the task of policing the universe.

A sub-sect of Guardians leaves Oa to form the Darkstars. They call themselves the Controllers.


  • November 9. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (27) are dragged to this point and to Cremona, Austria, where, after reuniting with Antonio Stradivari (69), they discover that the violin they are seeking and its like were so amazing possibly due to thin reality walls, which the reluctantly Doctor repairs.


  • The Peruvian youth Manuel dies from a blood infection. His identical twin brother, Esteban (22), is unable to process his grief, which is complicated by his brother Manuel, during his agonized days leading up to dying, blaming him for the loss of his potential love of Camila la Pericole. Esteban begins taking risks in an effort to be killed, and lets others believe that he is Manuel, and that Esteban is the one who died.1
  • July 18. After coming to an understand about her own selfish nature, Doña Maria, Marquesa de Montemayor (62) decides to become like a mother to her young aide Pepita (12), and she writes her first genuine letter to her distant daughter.2
  • July 19. Captain Alvarado, after hiring the young man for his ship, narrowly manages to save Esteban from an attempt at suicide. He agrees to come along on Alvarado's next expedition.3
  • July 19. Tio Pio (50) finally gets an audience with Camila la Perichole (30), and he asks to take her son, Don Jaime (7), for a year of exploration and growth. She reluctantly agrees.4
  • July 20. The Bridge of San Luis Rey, a rope bridge between Lima and Cuzco in the Spanish colony of Peru, collapses as five people cross it. The travelers — Doña Maria, Marquesa de Montemayor (62); her young companion, Pepita (12); young scribe Esteban (22); the manager of actor/singer Doña Micaela Villegas known as Tio Pio (50); and Doña Micaela's sickly son, Don Jaime (7), all die upon hitting the water below.5
  • October 9. Hansel (10) and Gretel Zimmer's (10) father, at the behest of their horrible mother, takes his children out in the woods so as to abandon them. The abandoned children wander around until they find the candy home of the cannibalistic sorceress Rosina Leckermaul (223). She captures the two, making Gretel her slave and locking Hansel in a cage to fatten him up for eating.6
  • December 21. Hansel and Gretel Zimmer manage to trick the witch Rosina Leckermaul (223), and end up killing her by burning her alive in her own oven. Hansel's experience leaves him with mystical diabetes.7
  • Births: Chingachgook (November 10)


  • May 1. Cologne is born in the Amazon Village near the Jusenkyo Springs in China.


  • May 23. Happosai is born in Japan.

The aquatic planet Aridius begins undergoing a massive climate change which results in the oceans drying up and all surface life extinct within two centuries. The Aridian humanoid people manage to survive in their underground city.


  • November 22. Edward Teach (38), the pirate captain known as Blackbeard, aboard his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge, is killed in battle.


  • The Franciscan monk Brother Juniper completes a biography and essay about the lives of the five people who died in the collapse of the bridge of San Luis Rey in 1714. His writing is considered a heresy, and he is burned at the stake for it, as are most copies of his work.8


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