Timeline: 17000-10001 BCE


16863 BCE

16847 BCE

  • December 30. Zhered-Na is born in Atlantis.

16824 BCE

  • The sorceress Zhered-Na (22) receives a vision of the destruction of Atlantis. Atlantean King Kamuu demands she stop, but she refuses, and he has her banished.

Zhered-Na founds a cult in western Europe. Using her magicks, she makes her closest follower, Dakimh (39), immortal.

16809 BCE

  • As Deviant invaders begin to overrun Atlantean defenses, King Kamuu, in desperation, orders the opening of the magma pits that serve as the kingdom's primary energy source. The Deviants are killed, but the continental shelf suffers severe damage, and a series of earthquakes begin affecting Atlantis.

Human alchemists in Lemuria, alongside Serpent Men, forge the powerful mystical headpiece called the Serpent Crown, that channels energies from the Elder God Set to normal space-time. The alchemist Atra is its first wielder.

16806 BCE

  • The Celestials return to Earth in "The Second Host".

Lemurian Emperor Phraug orders an attack upon the Celestials.
The Celestials counter the attack upon them by causing a nuclear explosion in the Lemurian capital. Emperor Phraug and Atra are killed, and the Serpent Crown sinks below the ocean. The explosion is so massive, it causes Lemuria's entire foundation to break down, causing the island to sink below the surface, killing most of its population.
The effects of the devastation of Lemuria's sinking spread to Atlantis, already unstable from the magma pits' opening and subsequent earthquakes. Most of that island sinks as well, and King Kamuu is killed. The sorceress Zhered-Na (39) attempts to mitigate the damage by casting a powerful spell, transforming some of the Atlanteans into water-breathing, cold- and pressure-resistant undersea dwellers. Their skins transform to bluish and greenish hues.
April 17. Atlantean settlers in Europe mistake Zhered-Na's casting of her spell as her causing the earthquakes, and they raid her territory. One of them murders her. Dakimh (57) escapes with her mystic tome.
Somehow, the domed city of Netheria, Atlantis sinks below the surface, and its scientists are able to stabilize it, allowing it to rest unmolested on the floor of the ocean.
The effects of the Lemurian and Atlantean sinking reach as far as the Savage Land and Pangea, as much of it collapses, and its sapient population begins to descend into savagery.
Some Deviant survivors found the realm of Subterranea below the Pacific Ocean.

16604 BCE

  • The Celestials try one of their own, Tiamut the Apostate, and exile it to Earth. They separate its cosmic essence from its body, imprisoning them separately. Its body is buried beneath western North America.

16596 BCE

  • The Celestials, their observations and experiments complete, depart Earth and end the Second Host.

16179 BCE

  • May 14. Galadriel is born to Earwen and Finfarin in Valinor on Arda.

16065 BCE

  • The larval Hutts are forced to evacuate their homeworld of Vari, and settle the planet Evocar, renaming it Nal Hutta.

15780 BCE

  • The Earth Deviants successfully breed the slave race the Gortokians.

15696 BCE

  • The Gortokians rebel against the Deviants, and win their freedom, departing from Deviant society.

15694 BCE

  • The Deviants engineer a new pair of slave races, collectively called Subterraneans, and use them to launch an attack against the Gortokians. The Gortokians defeat the Deviants, taking some of their territory. The Deviants abandon their Subterranean slaves, who manage to eke out meager existence beneath the Earth's surface.

15555 BCE

  • A sect of Gortokians begins worshipping the extra-dimensional demon Cha'sa'dra. Leaving Gortokian society, Cha'sa'dra transforms them into the rock-like Lava Men.

15208 BCE

  • January 15. Gaia is born on the planet 'Ye.

15193 BCE

  • Gaia's (15) mutant powers emerge. She is forced to become guardian of the Universal Amalgamator.

13440 BCE

  • The Inhuman scientist Randac engineers the chemical he calls Terrigen, which can cause spontaneous posthuman mutation in human DNA. Randac uses Terrigen on himself, and uses his newfound powers to name himself ruler over the Inhumans. He begins offering Terrigen exposure to any who desire.

12808 BCE

  • September 9. On the planet Biisere, a powerful dragon Pokémon splits apart into three component Pokémon: Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.

11091 BCE

  • June 27. Mab is born on the mystical island of Avalon.

11079 BCE

  • February 19. The djinn Shazzan comes into existence in the Middle East.

10991 BCE

  • Mab (100) becomes Queen of the Fey, and they become known as the Children of Mab.

10449 BCE


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