Timeline: 1700-1501 BCE


1700 BCE

  • March. The Gorgon Medusa, leading her underworld army, including Gaol, Thanatos, and the disembodied Pandora, attacks the human realm, and Palutena sends her general Pit and the Army of Light to stop her. The human warrior Magnus joins Pit in defeating Gaol, a human woman trapped in evil armor. During the encounter with Pandora, Pit tries to destroy the Mirror of Truth, resulting in the creation of his doppelganger, "Dark Pit", who fails to be a loyal minion to Pandora. Pit gets the Three Sacred Treasures, and uses them to defeat Medusa. He learns that Hades is the actual mastermind. Hades sets in motion a plan to get the humans to fight amongst themselves, leading a vengeful Viridi, goddess of nature, to attack the humans with "reset bombs". Pit defeats Viridi's minion Phosphora and stops the second reset bomb. The alien Aurum then attack, and all the god forces unite to stop them. In the aftermath, Hades takes advantage of the timing, and captures Palutena and enslaves her, and banishes Pit's soul into a ring.1

1697 BCE

  • The angel Pit awakes as a ring, and with the help of the human Magnus, manages to reenter his own body. He allies with Viridi and Phosphora, and with the occasional help of Dark Pit, frees Palutena from Hades's control. Even a resurrected Medusa joins in the fight against Hades. Pit at one point burns his wings to save Dark Pit, who takes him to a healing well to restore him. Pandora is restored to her human form during the conflict. Pit ultimately defeats Hades.2

1620 BCE

1600 BCE

  • June 24. The Time Lord Baloo is born on Gallifrey.

1598 BCE

  • February 26. Olympian goddesses create the Amazons from reincarnated female souls. They are given the island of Themyscira as their Paradise. The first Amazon, Hippolyta, is named their queen. Among them is Antiope.

1569 BCE

  • February 26. The fourteenth time flash of the Island takes place (originating in 2004), bringing various occupants to this point in the Island's history. Charlotte Lewis (33) succumbs to the stress on her brain made by the time shifts, and dies. With the final time shift, her body remains in this time.
  • February 26. John Locke (48) turns the Island's Wheel, causing the final time shift and the disposition of the various surviving parties.

1543 BCE

1539 BCE

1536 BCE

1525 BCE

  • September 7. Moses is born to Jochebed and Amram in Egypt. A Hebrew, he is placed in a basket shortly after birth to save him from a new law, and placed in a tributary of the Nile. He is found by the daughter of the Pharaoh, and is adopted into her family.3

1514 BCE

1509 BCE

  • The dust-based monsters of the Land of Eagles suffer defeat at the hands of the humans. The monsters are forced underground in the area near Mt. Ebott. Seven human sorcerers seal the monsters in their underground prison, a powerful Barrier preventing egress from within. Gentle King Asgore Dreemurr (422) founds Home, the monsters' new home.4


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