Timeline: 1691-1700



  • April 15. Easter Sunday. Simon Belmont (22) sets out to destroy the risen Dracula. He storms Dracula's castle, but is unable to destroy the vampire.1 He suffers a minor wound that instills a curse upon him.
  • December 4. A pair of newborn twins are left at an orphanage in Lima, Peru. The boys are named Esteban and Manuel by the Abbess, Madre Maria del Pilar.2


  • April 9. The last dodo dies, rendering the species extinct.
  • April 21. The Anthropomorph Yoyo Dodo spawns in the Wackyland region of transcendental space in western North America.


  • Tio Pio (32) discovers Micaela Villegas (12) singing in a cafe. Seeing great potential in her, he gets her to come home with him.3


  • The god Kwaku Anansi, aboard a Dutch ship carrying newly captured slaves from Africa to the Americas, convinces the slaves to kill the European slavers and set the boat ablaze. They do so, and all die as the ship sinks. Anansi himself makes it to shore in a spider form.4
  • August 12. Simon Belmont is transported from this time to a limbo realm in 1989 by the Pokémon Mew.

October 24. Scott is born on New Genesis. He is the son of Izaya the Highfather.


  • Mircalla, Countess Karnstein, is vampirized.5
  • July 22. The war between New Genesis and Apokolips ends with a Pact. One of the stipulations is that Darkseid and Highfather exchange their sons Orion and Scott as a sign of trust.


  • May 4. The sailing vessel Antelope departs Bristol, England. Lemuel Gulliver (37) serves as ship's surgeon.
  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amy Pond (23/2011), and Rory Williams (21/2011) arrive on a pirate ship, the Black Spot. They and the pirates face a mysterious siren that takes any who have shed blood. They eventually learn it is a medical holographic program on an orbiting ship. The pirate captain Avery takes the ship as his own, sailing the stars.6
  • Births: Guinan (November 13)


  • September 20. A French girl named Rouge Webster (11), wearing a red riding hood, carries a basket of goodies through the woods to her grandmother's house. A semi-Anthro wolf, Alexander T. Wolf (24), comes upon her, and learns of her destination. He makes it to the girl's "grandmother", Emma Webster (71), first, and swallows her whole. He then dresses in the woman's clothing and pretends to be her. Before he can devour her, a woodsman comes upon the scene and seemingly kills the wolf, saving Emma, whose immortality had activated upon her death in Alexander's gullet. Alexander somehow survives the ordeal as well.7


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