Timeline: 1661-1670



  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Mary Shelley (18/1816), and a pair of aliens disguised as humans travel to this time from 2011. The aliens abduct Mary and take the TARDIS back to the future, stranding the Doctor. The Doctor becomes the subject of a witch hunt, initiated by the aliens' younger selves. The Doctor is eventually picked up by Mary.1



  • The con artist Tartuffe moves into the home of Orgon Desportes, who has been completely fooled by Tartuffe's faux piety. His family believes Tartuffe to be a fraud. Orgon's irritation with their warnings leads him to demand the marriage of his daughter Mariane to Tartuffe. Mariane, who is already engaged to Valère de Beauvau, has a fight with her fiance, but hey reconcile. When Tartuffe makes advances on Ogron's wife Elmire, Orgon's son Damis decries Tartuffe to his father. Orgon sides with Tartuffe, and disowns Damis. While Orgon signs his property over to Tartuffe, Elmire devises a plan to prove Tartuffe's treachery. Elmire comes on to Tartuffe while having Orgon hide and observe, and he continues his lechery. When Orgon confronts Tartuffe's betrayal, Tartuffe declares his intentions to take Orgon's home. This appears to happen, as well as the imminent arrest of Orgon, when at the last moment the arresting officer takes Tartuffe instead, as French King Louis XIV has somehow come to figure out all the deceit.4


  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (26) arrive in the Suffolk village of Red Lodge, and are nearly consumed by a fear-inducing race of Spira who want to body-snatch humanity. The Doctor and Nyssa's alien natures lead to the Spira's defeat.6


  • January 20. French Queen Anne (64) dies.
  • September 2. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Adric (16), Nyssa (20), and Tegan Jovanka (20), arrives in the English countryside. The travelers meet Richard Mace, and become involved in a conspiracy by Terileptil exiles, and inadvertently cause the Great Fire of London. The Doctor's sonic screwdriver is destroyed as well.7





  • Young Guybrush Threepwood arrives in the Tri-Island Area. He begins his quest to become a pirate on Melee Island.10


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