Timeline: 1651-1660



  • The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) visits London in this year, and finds himself running into the immortal former Viking girl Ashildr, now going by "Lady Me" and acting as the vigilante the Knightmare. The Doctor gets caught up in her dealings with a leonine alien who claims to be stuck on Earth. Me, attempting to help the alien Leandro in exchange for access to space travel, kills the highwayman Sam Swift to open a gateway to Leandro's home. Leandro reveals he is the vanguard for an invasion, and the Doctor resurrects Swift using a device that was the counterpart to the device that rendered Ashildr immortal. The aliens kill Leandro for his failures as the portal collapses.1



  • December 25. Oliver Cromwell (54) ascends to the role of Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England.3



  • The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor and new inadvertent companions Polly Wright () and Ben Jackson (both 1966), arrives in Cornwall, England. The travelers become involved in a political conspiracy with a group of pirates.5


  • April 6. The mass murderer Mach-Teldak brings to consciousness the android Kylex-12. She sets him on a quest to wander the planet Earth in search of time travelers.
  • May. While seeking answers to an attack by the Nix in Amsterdam in 1983, the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (40), Tegan Jovanka (23/1983), and Kyle Exeter (secretly the android Kylex) arrive in this era. They meet painter Rembrandt van Rijn (51) as well as meeting/being reunited with the alien Countess Mach-Teldak. Kyle's nature as an android is revealed, as is his true love for Tegan. Teldak is attacked by the Nix of this era, and it is eventually revealed that she is a psychopathic murderer who committed genocide on her own people. After a trip to an alternate future, Kyle eventually is able to overcome Teldak's control. The Nix execute Teldak, and Rembrandt destroys his paintings of spaceships. The Doctor gives Rembrandt some gold, and he, Nyssa, Tegan, and Kyle depart in the TARDIS.6
  • September 3. Oliver Cromwell (59) dies of an infection.7


  • A mystical alien force arrives in Japan, focused on the Castle Murasame, which holds a great statue called the Murasame. From this headquarters, the alien force possesses four surrounding castles, making their daimyo slaves as its foothold on Earth. Apprentice samurai Takamaru (17) is dispatched by the shogun to halt their advance. Takamaru, over several weeks, infiltrates and kills the possessed daimyo of each castle, weakening the alien's power. Takamaru eventually infiltrates the Murasame Castle, and destroys the Murasame. The powerless alien force departs Earth.8


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