Timeline: 1626-1650




  • November 8. Mughal Emperor Jahangir () fakes his death.


  • August 23. George Villiers (), Duke of Buckingham, is stabbed to death in a pub.


  • June 25. An infant comes into existence outside Plymouth Colony in North America. The child is adopted and named Emma Webster.


  • The demon Aku (7) breaks free of its imprisonment, and strikes at the castle of the daimyo who had imprisoned him. The humans are utterly defeated, with the daimyo falling before Aku. Before the fall, the daimyo's wife takes their son (7) away, allowing him to escape on a ship. The boy vows to avenge his father and destroy Aku.2


  • April 13-16. Morbidly obese Dutch settler Willem Remils (49) leads an uprising in New Amsterdam, declaring the Kingdom of Manhattan. Within three days, Remils dies of heart failure. Remils's followers quickly abandon the "Kingdom", restoring Dutch rule. The essence of Remils remains as a gluttonous ghost creature.


  • October 14. James II, son of English King Charles, is born.


  • March 31. Stompa is born on Apokolips.


  • July 4. The child Tan called America comes into existence on the east coast of North America.


  • December 4. Armand Jean de Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu, dies.

December 25. Isaac Newton is born.


  • May 14. Louis XIII (41) dies from intestinal tuberculosis.3
  • The Manhunter robots rebel against the Guardians of the Universe. Most are destroyed in their attempted takeover of the Guardians' mantle.
  • Births: Takamaru (April 29)


  • September 23. Antonio Stradivari is born in Cremona, Duchy of Milan, Spanish Empire.


  • November 4. Darkseid has his mother Heggra murdered, becoming ruler of Apokolips himself.


  • August 10. The Samurai Lord's son (25) returns to his father's castle on the eve of Aku's (25) casting a spell to enslave the Earth. After taking his father's sword, he battles Aku, whose power is limited at this crucial stage, and routs the demon. Just as he is about to give the killing blow, Aku uses a burst of power to project the young samurai into a temporal vortex, sending him to the year 11648.4

August 11. As Aku (25) begins to cast his spell of subjugation, the samurai, now called Jack (35), returns, and slays him.


  • January. English King Charles I is removed from office and executed. The Kingdom of England is replaced with the nominally republican Commonwealth of England.
  • August. Oliver Cromwell (50), a Member of the Rump Parliament of the Commonwealth of England, begins a campaign of reconquest of Ireland.
  • September. The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (30), and Hex Schofield (23) arrive in the middle of the Siege of Drogheda. Hex is separated from the others, and inadvertently becomes an adviser to Oliver Cromwell. After Hex's uses his 21st century casual blasphemy, Cromwell disavows him and sends him to the gallows. Cromwell changes his mind at the last second, as the Doctor saves the life of a woman that Cromwell shot.5


  • June 28. Iluthin is born on Apokolips.


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