Timeline: 1621-1630



October 2. Duncan MacLeod is mortally wounded and dies. He soon revives as an immortal, and is cast out for "witchcraft."


  • January 24. A daimyo and samurai lord in Japan sets out to destroy the evil entity that is encroaching on his kingdom. Its black nether-substance kills his army, but the samurai reaches its base, a pool of black liquid. The Samurai Lord fires an enchanted arrow into the pool in hopes of destroying it, but it instead generates an intelligence in the evil, that names itself Aku. Aku easily defeats the Samurai Lord, and begins rampaging in his castle. The Samurai Lord is rescued by Odin's steed Sleipnir, and taken to a location in the sky, where he encounters the gods Vishnu, Odin, and Ra. They forge a sword of human righteousness, and set him on the path to destroy Aku. Returning to his castle, the Samurai Lord utterly defeats Aku, whose remnant he traps in a shadow tree. During this battle, the Lord's wife gives birth to a son.1

December 6. Endora is born in the Puritan Plymouth Colony in North America.


The Virginia Company's charter is revoked, and the English establish the Virginia crown colony.


Duncan MacLeod meets his clansman Connor, and begins training for The Game.
Fort Amsterdam is erected on the island of Manhattan in North America by Dutch settlers. It becomes the basis of the New Amsterdam colony.

  • April 7. Young nobleman Charles de Batz, now going by the name d'Artagnan (his mother's family's name) arrives in Paris.



  • November 8. Mughal Emperor Jahangir () fakes his death.


  • August 23. George Villiers (), Duke of Buckingham, is stabbed to death in a pub.


  • June 25. An infant comes into existence outside Plymouth Colony in North America. The child is adopted and named Emma Webster.


  • The demon Aku (7) breaks free of its imprisonment, and strikes at the castle of the daimyo who had imprisoned him. The humans are utterly defeated, with the daimyo falling before Aku. Before the fall, the daimyo's wife takes their son (7) away, allowing him to escape on a ship. The boy vows to avenge his father and destroy Aku.3


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