Timeline: 1611-1620



The Dutch make a claim to a good stretch of the northeast coast of North America, dubbing it New Netherland.


November 24. Louis XIII of France marries Anne of Austria.




  • October 29. The English government executes Sir Walter Raleigh (64) by beheading as a favor to the Spanish government, undoing a stay from years earlier.5


  • October 5. The witch Susan Hughes, dying, attempts to repent in a church in East Bromwich, England. Newly pregnant with the child of the Hell Lord Azzael, she is taken to a Hell-realm, where is body is burned away to birth the half-demon child Anung Un Rama. Azzael cuts off one of the child's arms and replaces it with a stone arm as part of a plot. Other Hell Lords become aware of this plan, and Azzael banishes the child.


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