Timeline: 1591-1600




August 28. George Villiers is born in Brooksby, Leicestershire, England.

  • September 1. A pair of demons visit dying playwright Robert Greene (34). They empower him and transport him to 2006. After returning, he goes out to try and kill Will Shakespeare (28), but the Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (19/2006) convince him to stop.2
  • September 3. Robert Greene (34) dies.
  • December 21. An Earth immortal child comes into existence in Glenfinnan, Scotland.


May 30. English writer Kit Marlowe is stabbed to death.


  • Alonso Quixano suffers a psychotic break. He renames himself Don Quixote, and begins traveling under the delusion he is a knight errant.3


January 27. Sir Francis Drake dies of dysentery.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) has drinks with an impostor posing as William Shakespeare, while Peri Brown (1984) and Erimem (1400 BCE) see a performance of Richard III. After a trip to 1485, the Doctor drops off Richard III and his nieces here.


September 13. King Philip II of Spain dies of cancer.


The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Martha Jones (2008) meet William Shakespeare and help him battle Carrionite "witches".


Mughal Prince Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim (25) returns to Lahore after battle and is reunited with his secret love, the slave girl Anarkali (22), whom his father, Emperor Akbar, does not approve of. Their reunion is brief, as the alien craft Scavenger hits Salim with an energy being, making him immortal, and abducts Anarkali, absorbing her into itself. Emperor Akbar, is believed by many to have sealed Anarkali alive within a tomb.4
October 21. The Battle of Sekigahara transpires in Sekigahara, Japan. The battle is a decisive victory for the forces of Tokugawa Ieyasu (57).


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