Timeline: 1576-1600



  • The newly orphaned Heishiro adopts the surname Mitsurugi and sets out to be a samurai.



  • March 30. Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel creates the first mystical automaton Golem in Prague, Bohemia, to protect the Jewish community.
  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amy Pond (21), and Rory Williams (20) (both 2010) arrive in Venice. They manage to defeat the threat of the Saturnyns, who want to sink Venice.1


July 26. The Act of Abjuration is signed in the The Hague, declaring the independence of the Dutch Republic from Spain. The Tan Netherlands moves out of Spain's house.
September 6. Willem Remils is born in the Dutch Republic.


  • At the behest of the god Ares, the priest Kunpaetku forges the golem Astaroth and sets it out to find the evil sword Soul Edge.
  • The Evil Seed affects the monks at the Ling-Sheng Su Temple, causing them all to go mad with murderous intent. The young acolyte Kilik, the first and only resident to regain their senses, is forced to kill his beloved sworn sister Chai Xianglian.


September 9. Armand Jean de Plessis is born in Paris, France.


May 25. Miyamoto Usagi is born in the Edo region of the planet Mobius.


The Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, and Barbara Wright arrive in Seville, Spain. When a young moor, Esteban Aribi, is arrested and attacked when his home is burned down, Ian foolishly interferes. Ian is arrested by the Inquisition, and sentenced to death. The Doctor, Susan, and Barbara rescue him, with the Doctor briefly trying to fool King Philip of Spain. After, Ian runs away to help Esteban give notice to Sir Francis Drake. The others travel to Cadiz, while Ian makes it to Drake's ship, and discovers his hero is a pirate thug. Ian briefly meets the Tan England on Drake's ship. Cadiz burns, but the Doctor and his friends make it out okay.
Captain America (Steve Rogers) from an alternate timeline's 1995 is thrown into this time by his reality's Purple Man. Arriving on the east coast of North America, he adopts the identity of "Rojahz".


The Kingdom of Almerackon conquers the world they call Almerac. They name their unified planet the Glorious Jewel of Almerac.


Births: Isis (August 5)


Heather MacLeod dies. Connor MacLeod begins traveling the world, carrying his mentor's katana.
The colony at Roanoke Island off the coast of the mid-Atlantic of North America disappears, with the people nowhere to be found. Only the word "CROATOAN" is left behind as any sort of clue to the whereabouts of the settlers.
August. The Doctor (sixth incarnation), Henry Gordon Jago, and George Litefoot (both 1893) wind up on Roanoke Island, and become enslaved to alien children-like beings due to the time loop actions of a future Sir Walter Raleigh. They manage to stop Raleigh's original temporal displacement, and the Lost Colony gets a more mundane explanation, that they joined the Native American tribe to survive.
The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (1984) visit London, and meet writer Kit Marlowe, who is under the influence of a demonic Spaniard, who is under the thrall of extra-dimensional aliens. They defeat it.



August 28. George Villiers is born in Brooksby, Leicestershire, England.

  • September 1. A pair of demons visit dying playwright Robert Greene (34). They empower him and transport him to 2006. After returning, he goes out to try and kill Will Shakespeare (28), but the Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (19/2006) convince him to stop.3
  • September 3. Robert Greene (34) dies.

December 21. The immortal soon to be known as Duncan MacLeod comes into existence in Glenfinnan, Scotland.


May 30. English writer Kit Marlowe is stabbed to death.


Alonso Quixano suffers a psychotic break. He renames himself Don Quixote, and begins traveling under the delusion he is a knight errant.


January 27. Sir Francis Drake dies of dysentery.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) has drinks with an impostor posing as William Shakespeare, while Peri Brown (1984) and Erimem (1400 BCE) see a performance of Richard III. After a trip to 1485, the Doctor drops off Richard III and his nieces here.


September 13. King Philip II of Spain dies of cancer.


The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Martha Jones (2008) meet William Shakespeare and help him battle Carrionite "witches".


Mughal Prince Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim (25) returns to Lahore after battle and is reunited with his secret love, the slave girl Anarkali (22), whom his father, Emperor Akbar, does not approve of. Their reunion is brief, as the alien craft Scavenger hits Salim with an energy being, making him immortal, and abducts Anarkali, absorbing her into itself. Emperor Akbar, is believed by many to have sealed Anarkali alive within a tomb.4
October 21. The Battle of Sekigahara transpires in Sekigahara, Japan. The battle is a decisive victory for the forces of Tokugawa Ieyasu (57).


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