Timeline: 1571-1580




  • Young Will Shakespeare (8) is temporarily taken to the year 2051 to protect him from Daleks.1 He is returned to this point sometime later by the Doctor (eighth incarnation).


  • Johanna Metzger commits suicide.2
  • . The Caeliar attempt to aid Sidra Valerian emerge from her catatonic state by joining her to their group mind. She dies during the operation.3


  • The Caeliar city-ship Axion lands on a planet, dubbing it New Erigol. Erika Hernandez () and Veronica Fletcher move to the planet's surface.
  • Veronica Fletcher dies.
  • Erika Hernandez is joined to the Caeliar by her friend Inyx.



  • The newly orphaned Heishiro adopts the surname Mitsurugi and sets out to be a samurai.



  • While in France, Puritan Solomon Kane comes across a murdered girl. Learning the killer is le Loop, Kane sets out on a quest to avenge her.4
  • Having come to western Africa, Solomon Kane meets the ancient juju shaman N'Longa. N'Longa passes onto Kane the Staff of Solomon.5


  • March 30. Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel creates the first mystical automaton Golem in Prague, Bohemia, to protect the Jewish community.
  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amy Pond (21), and Rory Williams (20) (both 2010) arrive in Venice. They manage to defeat the threat of the Saturnyns, who want to sink Venice.6


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