Timeline: 1551-1575



  • May 25. Lady Jane Grey is forced to marry Guildford Dudley.1
  • July 10. Lady Jane Grey is crowned Queen of England.2
  • July 19. Mary (37) is crowned Queen of England, having ousted Lady Jane Grey.3


  • January 22. Walter Raleigh is born in Devonshire, England.


  • January. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (55/2000) arrive in England, seeking to find out why Evelyn is fading out of existence. They become involved in a conspiracy to assassinate Queen Mary (38). Eventually all is righted, and Evelyn's existence is secured.[3]
  • February 12. Lady Jane Grey (17), former Queen of England, is executed by beheading.


  • January 16. Philip II (28) is crowned King of Spain.


  • October 27. John Ratcliffe is born in England.


  • July 11. Robert Greene is born in Norwich, England.
  • November 17. Queen Mary I of England (42) dies. She is succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth (25).4


  • June. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) seduces English Queen Elizabeth (28), thinking she is a Zygon shape-shifter. He learns that her horse was actually the Zygon. Time fissures appear, and the tenth, "eleventh", and "War" incarnations come together, and help Elizabeth fight the Zygons. They are joined by Clara Oswald (26/2013) via a vortex manipulator. Before the tenth Doctor takes the War and eleventh Doctors and Clara back to 2013, he marries Elizabeth.[4]


February 26. Christopher Marlowe is born in Canterbury, England.
August 21-22. The Doctor and Steven Taylor (28) arrive in Paris, France. They are briefly caught up in Parisian interdenominational conflicts.[5]
August 23. The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre begins, wherein Catholic mobs slaughter many French Calvinists (Huguenots).


  • July 2. Seer and apothecary Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) (62) dies from complications due to dropsy.


  • Young Will Shakespeare (8) is temporarily taken to the year 2051 to protect him from Daleks.[6] He is returned to this point sometime later by the Doctor (eighth incarnation).


  • July 6. Johanna Metzger commits suicide.

October 14. The Caeliar attempt to aid Sidra Valerian emerge from her catatonic state by joining them to their group mind. She dies during the operation.


  • The Caeliar city-ship Axion lands on a planet, dubbing it New Erigol. Erika Hernandez and Veronica Fletcher move to the planet's surface.

March 29. Veronica Fletcher dies.
Erika Hernandez is joined to the Caeliar by her friend Inyx.



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