Timeline: 1531-1540







  • May 4. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (23) visit the court of King Henry VIII of England (46) and meet Queen Anne Boleyn (36). They discover Henry is using a scrivener with a pen made from the feather of a temporal phoenix to alter space/time. Henry manages to get Anne sentenced to death before the pen is destroyed by the Doctor.3
  • May 19. Anne Boleyn (36) is beheaded.4
  • Kit Walker (20), serving on his father's sailing ship, is the only survivor of a pirate attack. He ends up washed ashore on the coast of the East Indian island of Bangalla. Found by the Bangar natives, they lead him to a skull-shaped cave. There he channels the rage of a local rage deity to declare his intent to rid the world of injustice. He declares he will pass this to his descendants. He dons the appearance of the deity, declaring himself a Phantom. He also gets the deity to agree to help keep his bloodline pure by arranging white women to arrive on the island.5
  • November 5. Connor MacLeod is slain for the first time in battle. As an immortal, he recovers. His people banish him after accusing him of witchcraft.6


  • November 17-18. The youngest daughter of King Triton of an undersea Atlantis, Ariel, saves the life of a human youth, Prince Eric Christensen of the tiny Duchy of Christensen. Smitten with the human, this enrages her father, who destroys her reliquary of human artifacts. In her grief, she is seduced by the sea witch Ursula, who exchanges the girl's voice for the chance to be human for three days. She takes the deal, which has an additional proviso, that she must get Eric to kiss her before the end of the three days or she becomes a shriveled husk thing.7
  • November 19-21. Ariel, with the help of Sebastian the crab, Flounder the flounder, and Scuttle the sea gull, nearly gets Eric to fall for her and kiss her, but Ursula hypnotizes Eric, nearly marrying him herself. A confrontation at Eric and Ursula's wedding ends with the restoration of Ariel's voice, but her failing to get the kiss in time. King Triton trades his own freedom for Ariel's, and Ursula gets a hold of Triton's trident, giving her godlike power, growing to enormous size. Eric steers a ship into Ursula's belly, killing her. All those transformed are returned to normal.8
  • November 23. King Triton uses his own powers to transform Ariel into a human, and she marries Eric.


  • Minor German prince Siegbert goes on a hunt while ruminating over his impending need to choose a wife. He comes across an enchanted lake as a flock of swans alight. The swans transform into a group of young women, led by Odette. She and her retinue have been cursed to live most of their lives as swans, save for at night around this lake. The sorcerer who cursed her, Rothbart, appears to tell them the only means of lifting the curse: someone, who has never known love before, must declare their true love for Odette. Siegbert is falling in love, but dawn comes and the swans depart.9
  • At a ball that evening, Siegbert is introduced to his potential brides, when a woman transformed to look like Odette appears. Realizing he is indeed truly in love, he declares it and his intent to marry this woman. The curse being particularly annoying, this invalidates Siegbert's ability to override the curse, as was Rothbart's plan all along, as the fake Odette is his own daughter Odile. Siegbert goes to the swan lake, where he tries to get Odette's forgiveness. She does, but believing she will be a swan forever, she decides to kill herself as a human. Siegbert joins her, drowning themselves in the lake. The curse is broken, and the other maidens transform back into humans. Rothbart dies in a mystical backlash. Odette and Siegbert fly into the sky.10



  • December 23. Francis Drake is born in Tavistock, Devon, England.


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