Timeline: 1501-1525




  • The bell ringer at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the hunchback Quasimodo (20), meets the kindly Gypsy woman Esmeralda ().



  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (22/1974) arrive in Italy, and witness the origins of the "sorcerer" Maximilian.3


  • The last Jagaroth Scaroth has Leonardo da Vinci (53) paint six additional copies of the Mona Lisa. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) briefly appears here and intersects with Scaroth. The Doctor vandalizes the Mona Lisas.4



  • March 29. An immortal comes into existence near Glenfinnan, Scotland.


  • November 15. Harriet is born on Apokolips.


  • April 21. Henry VIII ascends to become King of England.


  • September 29. Agatha Harkness is born.


  • Newlyweds Joel and Gabby Finch (both 2015) are transported to this time after an encounter with a Weeping Angel. They run into the Time Lord called the Doctor (fifth incarnation), who helps them investigate the Weeping Angels. They find a cult has been unearthing ancient Angels from a quarry, which has been victimizing the locals. The Angels are targeting famed artist Michelangelo Buonarroti (36), working on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, whose young aide Piero is displaced. The Doctor, Michelangelo, Joel, and Gabby set up a trap for the Angels, catching them deep underground with mirrors, quantum locking them. Due to the trans-temporal nature of their displacement and awareness, Joel and Gabby are stuck in this time, lest they undo the rescue of Michelangelo.5


  • March 15. Giovanni de' Medici (37) ascends to the Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church, taking the Papal name Leo X.


  • July. The Doctor, Vicki Pallister (18), and Steven Taylor (26) arrive via TARDIS in the city of Florence, in the home of Niccolo Machiavelli (45). Steven and Vicki are immediately arrested, and the Doctor is forced to team up with Machiavelli to try and rescue them. The travelers are quickly caught up in a conspiracy to get Machiavelli out of his house arrest situation and Florence's murderous ruler, Giuliano de' Medici (35), full control over Florence, which was somewhat limited due to the control of his brother Giovanni, now Pope Leo X (38). Ultimately, the conspiracy is defeated, and the Doctor and his companions depart, while Giovanni secures his position within Florence.6


  • February 9. Avian Inhuman scientists construct the Bi-Beast sapient android.


  • February 18. Catherine of Aragorn and Henry VIII's () daughter, Mary, is born.
  • March 17. Florentine Republic Lord Giuliano de' Medici (37) dies.


  • November 1. Eric is born in the tiny kingdom of Christensen.



  • May 2. Leonardo da Vinci dies.

The Caeliar city ship Axion appears in the Beta Quadrant in this era. Aboard it are Columbia crew members (all from 2156/2168) Erika Hernandez, Veronica Fletcher, Johanna Metzger, and Sidra Valerian.


  • May 20. The child Tan Cuba comes into existence on his namesake island.


  • July 11. Juan Ponce de Leon (46) leads an expedition to Florida. A native Calusa warrior hits him with a poisoned arrow. He is brought back to Havana, where he dies.

October 16. Ariel is born to Athena and Triton in an Atlantis.
December 1. Pope Leo X of Rome (45) dies from a sudden onset of bronchopneumonia.


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Sharon Davies (1980), and K-9 (Mark II) arrive in China, and travel to the Shaolin Monastery. There they find that a squad of Sontarans has been manipulating the monks, and they, along with young monk Chang, stop them.


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