Timeline: 15000000-2000001 BCE


14,215,560 BCE

14,215,545 BCE

14,215,517 BCE

  • Peylix receives a very low grade in school, an "omega". In his anger, he takes Omega as his new name.1

14,215,496 BCE

  • Rassilon, alongside fellow Gallifreyans Omega and The Other, leads a rebellion against the ruling Pythia mystics on Gallifrey. The Pythias depart Gallifrey, and take up exile on Karn. The departing Pythias curse the Gallifreyan people, causing most to become sterile.
  • Rassilon names himself Lord High President of Gallifrey.

14,215,480 BCE

  • In a stopgap attempt to ensure the Gallifreyan people's continuing existence, the Other develops the Looms, allowing Gallifreyans to be engineered by mixing genetic material and creating new persons. After a few tests, the Other commits suicide by having his own body torn apart by the Looms, and his genetic material fully dispersed.

14,215,477 BCE

  • The Gallifreyan Omega (68) develops a stellar manipulator, the Hand of Omega, in order to harness the power of stars and allow the Gallifreyans access to time-travel technology. During the experiment, he is successful, but sabotage causes him to be sucked into a spatial rift, and stuck in an "antimatter" limbo, believed dead by the people. Rassilon harnesses this Eye of Harmony to begin creating time travel technology. He dubs the elite of his inner circle and the noble class "Time Lords".

14,215,388 BCE

  • Rassilon declares war on the vampire population of Gallifrey in order to help forestall extinction of the Gallifreyan people. Some vampires escape Gallifrey, and seed the vampiric potential throughout the universe.

14,214,633 BCE

  • Rassilon, nearing the end of his natural lifespan, makes a breakthrough, and, harnessing energy from the Eyes of Harmony and mixing it with genetic engineering, creates a process wherein a Time Lord's body will rearrange itself at a point near/beyond death, allowing for a semblance of immortality. After he successfully regenerates into his second incarnation, he unleashes a time virus that mass re-engineers the Gallifreyan people.

14,206,158 BCE

  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and his TARDIS is pulled into this era, causing him to be caught up in the Racnoss Wars. He tries to negotiate a stalemate in the Racnoss's civil war occurring concurrently, but the Racnoss's petty romantic struggles make his attempts moot. For a time, the Doctor and a native Time Lord to this era, Alayna, depart the time period alongside the Racnoss empress.2

14,197,202 BCE

  • Rassilon (fifth incarnation) outlaws the use of the timescoop and has the Death Zone game region sealed off.

14,181,685 BCE

  • Rassilon, in his sixteenth incarnation, and thoroughly insane, is overthrown. Just before he is executed, he copies his mind to a computer matrix he places in his forthcoming tomb.
  • As a response to Rassilon's madness, the Gallifreyan High Council has their scientists genetically re-engineer the people and the Looms so as to limit the regenerative process to twelve regenerations, to prevent madness resulting from too many rejiggers of a Time Lord's brain.

4,593,845 BCE

  • The extra-dimensional Beyonders genetically engineer the humanoid Fortisquians and make them servants.

3,639,868 BCE

  • A squad of Tractite freedom fighters from 2670 time-travel to Earth at this point, and try to set up a colony in an effort to save their civilization and prevent the rise of humanity and the Earth Empire. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Kitig, a Tractite from the alternate reality where they succeeded, soon arrive. The Tractite leader Mauvril tortures the Doctor for a time, but he escapes. Jo Grant and Sam Jones (both 1997) arrive in the TARDIS, and Jo accidentally wipes out the Tractite colony. Kitig remains behind, setting up markers for Jo and Sam to find a million years hence, and destroys the time tree.3

2,814,226 BCE

  • The Vok arrive on Earth. They create a second moon as an observatory, and seed the planet with the bizarre substance called Energon.

2,569,878 BCE

  • Jo Grant, Jacob Hynes, and two paleontologists (all from 1997) are transported to this time by a time tree. Wild dogs kill the paleontologists. Jo is soon reunited with the Doctor (now in his eighth incarnation) and Sam Jones, along with the Tractite Kitig (from 2109 in an alternate reality). Kitig and the Doctor go further back in time, while Jo and Sam stop Hynes, though Sam nearly wipes out humanity with a plague. After a week, they find the million-years buried TARDIS, and travel further back in time as well. Later, the Doctor and Sam return and cure the plague from the protohumans.4

2,491,431 BCE

  • The Celestials visit the planet Skrullos. They genetically engineer some of the Skrulls, giving them shape-shifting powers. The shape-shifters begin a campaign of genocide against their non-shape-shifting brethren.

2,310,707 BCE

  • The Skrull minority the Dire Wraiths, fearful of genocide, use their mystical powers to depart Skrullos, settling on a planetoid in a region of space called the Dark Nebula.

2,000,011 BCE

  • Skrull scientists achieve spaceflight.


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