Timeline: 150000-110001 BCE


146,848 BCE

  • The Valar defeat and capture Melkor. His minion Sauron escapes, and continues surreptitiously aiding the imprisoned Melkor.

137,638 BCE

  • November 4. A number of Shinigami spawn in a hell-realm, including Grim, Rem, and Ryuk.

137,538 BCE

  • The abstract entity Death recruits Grim as one of its reapers, helping to force death-resistant individuals to their deaths.

134,661 BCE

  • Births: Adama (February 12)

134648 BCE

  • Births: Baltar (December 10), Tigh (December 16)

134,631 BCE

134,630 BCE

  • Births: Boomer (September 28)

134,625 BCE

  • September 23. Ila and Adama's second child, Athena, is born.

134,624 BCE

  • August 23. Ila and Adama's third child, Zac, is born.

134,606 BCE

  • November 13. Serina and her mate's son Troy is born.

134,598 BCE

  • The Cylons sue for peace with the Twelve Colonies, working with Count Baltar to ultimately betray the Colonials. The Quorum of Twelve is aboard the Battlestar Atlantia, including Adama of Caprica, and President Adar. After a brief ceremony, Adama travels to his own Battlestar, Galactica, where he reconnects with second-in-command Colonel Tigh and his daughter Athena. At the same time, Adama's sons, Viper pilots Apollo and Zac, go out on patrol, and discover a horde of Cylon fighters. Apollo manages to escape, but Zac's ship is destroyed before he can reach Galactica. The Cylons begin an all-out attack, destroying Atlantia and most of the Battlestars, then raining plutonic fire on each of the Twelve Colonies. Baltar escapes Atlantia, allied with the Cylons. Pilots Starbuck and Boomer battle Cylons in their Vipers, and barely survive the initial onslaught.1
  • Adama returns to Caprica and comes to believe his wife Ila is dead. He and Apollo meet with survivors, and orders all survivors throughout the Twelve Colonies to join them in any ships they can salvage. A total of 220 ships carry the survivors of the Kobolite people. Among these are the broadcast reporter Serina and her son Troy. Adama, last member of the Quorum of Twelve, sets them all on a quest for the lost Thirteenth Tribe of the people of Kobol and their world: Earth.2

134,568 BCE

  • The Colonial fleet, traveling for thirty years, approaching the region of space where they believe Earth to be, enters an imperceptible temporal-spatial field, and is displaced to the distant future year of 1980. The Cylons pursuing the Colonials is likewise displaced.3
  • Other survivors of the Twelve Colonies not attached to Adama's fleet settle on their original homeworld, the planet Kobol.

121,076 BCE

  • August. Momtok and her husband send the infant Mentok (born May 29) out from Kotnem in a rocket in order to help him survive the imminent destruction of the planet.



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