Timeline: 1476-1500



  • May. The sailing vessel on which Cristoforo Colombo (24) is serving is attacked by pirates and sunk. Cristoforo makes it to shore not far from Lisbon. A device from an alternate timeline activates, and an image of the Holy Trinity of Christian lore appears, and commands Colombo to travel West to the Indies across the great ocean as a means of serving God. Cristoforo pledges his acquiescence.1
  • December 18. Wallachian Voivode Vlad III Tepes (45) is vampirized by the ancient vampire Varnae.


November 13. The Romany Esmeralda is born in Europe.


Births: Giuliano di Lorenzo de' Medici (March 12)


  • Harbin Zemo defends the German town of Zeulniz single-handedly from Slavic invaders. The townsfolk reward him with the title of Baron.


The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) visits a bar in London, and drops off some letters to be delivered to Peri Brown and Erimem in 1483.


  • January 6. A Romany woman fleeing Parisian Minister of Justice Claude Frollo () is struck by Frollo, killing her on the steps of the Notre Dame Cathedral. On her person Frollo finds a deformed infant. He is dissuaded from killing the infant by the archdeacon of the church. Frollo has the child taken in in the church, and names him Quasimodo.2


  • An impostor posing as William Shakespeare pulls the TARDIS off course, stranding Peri Brown (1984) and Erimem (1400 BCE). "Shakespeare" manipulates Richard, Duke of Gloucester, into seizing power from his nephews (who are actually girls), and though Richard does so, he cannily has his nieces go into hiding as bar wenches, and has Peri and Erimem pose as the princes.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) arrives in England and encounters Richard III, and learns of Peri Brown and Erimem's displacement. The trio are reunited, and "William Shakespeare" is revealed as a manipulator. He ends up getting killed in the place of Richard III. Richard is taken to the real Shakespeare's era along with his nieces.


May 23. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton (1963), and Barbara Wright (1963), arrives in an Aztec city. For a time Barbara poses as a goddess.


  • Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan, along with Billy the Kid and Socrates, arrive in this era in England. The boys meet a pair of noble girls, Joanna and Elizabeth, and flirt with them, falling instantly in love. Hijinks ensue, and the boys barely escaping getting beheaded, but are rescued by Billy and Socrates. Later, the time traveler Rufus picks up Joanna and Elizabeth and brings them to 1988.3


June 28. Henry Tudor (VIII) is born in Greenwich, England.


  • September 1-5. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith arrive in the tiny Duchy of San Martino on the Italian Peninsula. They soon become embroiled in an attempt by an evil energy being called Mandragora's attempt to take over San Martino.4
  • October 12. The expedition of Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo) (40) makes landfall on the island later known as San Salvador
  • October 12. After receiving a message from his "eleventh" self to procure an item called an omniparadox, the Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown travel to this era, arriving on the Santa Maria. The Doctor and Peri manage to fight off a telepathic time-traveling bison and stop a jealous Columbus from killing them.5


  • October 31. The skeleton creature Jack Skellington comes into existence in the extradimensional realm of Hallowe'en.


The gargoyle Demona (557) steals the Medici Tablet in Florence, and has a brief run-in with The Hunter (Stuart Canmore).


The half-demon Inuyasha (202) attempts to steal the powerful Shikon jewel. He is stopped by young priestess Kikyo, who seals him with an arrow, containing him on a tree. Kikyo dies from her injuries.



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