Timeline: 1401-1425






  • October 6. An elderly woman in Japan finds a large peach floating by. She takes it, and she and her husband cut it open, and find inside an infant. Assuming him to have been sent by the gods, they name him Momotaro, and begin to raise him as their own son.

Other births: Mercutio (January 17), Romeo Montague (June 30)


  • The mysterious Preserver aliens transplant a number of people from Japan to a new planet (Puranejutsu) in an effort to try and maintain their culture.1


  • June 11. Imajin ibn Kojo al-Doqi is born to Yumi and Kojo al-Doqi in Medina, the Hejaz, in the Mamluk Sultanate.


  • September 13. Isabella of Valois (19) dies in childbirth.




  • March 20. King Henry IV (46) of England dies of chronic illness.


  • February 19. Thomas Arundel (60) dies.



  • July 14. After a street brawl, Veronese Prince Escalus declares anyone disturbing the peace in connection to the longstanding feud between the Montague and Capulet families will be put to death.

July 15. Hoping to cheer up their best friend Romeo Montague (16), young nobles Mercutio (16) and Benvolio (17) (the latter Romeo's cousin) convince him to attend a ball thrown by the Capulet family. There, Romeo falls madly in love with Lord Capulet's daughter Juliet (16), and she feels the same. Later, Romeo sneaks to her room's balcony, and they declare their love for each other, and agree to marry.
July 16. Romeo and Juliet secretly marry with the help of Father Laurence. An enraged Tybalt (17), Juliet's cousin, challenges Romeo to a duel. Romeo refuses to fight, but his friend Mercutio fights Tybalt in his stead. Romeo tries to intercede, inadvertently allowing Tybalt to get a good shot at Mercutio (16), fatally wounding him. Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge.
July 16. Prince Escalus orders Romeo banished from Verona under penalty of death if he returns. Romeo hides with Juliet in her home, and they consummate their marriage.
July 17. Lord Capulet tries to force his daughter to marry Escalus's relative Count Paris. She refuses, and gets Friar Laurence to give her a potion that will put her in a death-like coma. She takes the potion, with a plan to get word to Romeo about her faked death so they can be reunited.
July 18. Learning of Juliet's supposed death, Romeo (16) procures some poison and goes to the Capulet family crypt. Seeing his beloved dead, he takes the poison and dies. Juliet (16) then wakes up, finds her dead husband, and takes his knife and stabs herself and dies.


  • July 10. The tyrant Wart of the planet Shrem, from 1987, insane, travels to this era on Earth and abducts Arabian children Poki and Piki al-Doqi, and brings them back to his own era and world. The rest of the al-Doqi family, including teenagers Imajin and Lina, and their parents Yumi and Kojo, alerted by a robot monkey from the future, travel through a mystical portal in a book in order to rescue them.


  • July-August. Momotaro (19) sets out on a quest to kill oni and take their treasures. Along the way, he gets a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant to join him on his quest by giving them dumplings. After reaching the island of oni, Momotaro and his friends successfully slaughter the demons and kill their king. He and his animal friends return home with great wealth.


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