Timeline: 14001-18000



The Elder Bob LaBrea on Erf enacts a new rite where all dinosaurs upon reaching the age of 72 are to be thrown off a cliff into a tar pit. His own hurling is the first Hurling Day.



The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Flip Jackson (2012) arrive on a remote outpost in Scotland, encountering a small family in the resettled Earth. There the father's attempts to recover his lost son from 15 years ago results in an incursion by the Wirrn, who nearly take over the world, but for the Doctor's manipulations of the Transmat.


The Doctor (eleventh incarnation) and Amy Pond (2010) visit the Delirium Archive, where the Doctor receives a message from River Song.


The TARDIS arrives on the Cobalt Moon. The Doctor, Steven Taylor (), and Sara Kingdom (), having recovered from group hallucinations, unload a group of time travelers from the 74th century before departing.



The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) visits the planet Karkinos to stop a giant cosmozoan "Starman", and drops his weapon, which is picked up by the young Karkinian Ali. Ali agrees to give it back only if he'll let her join him as a companion. He agrees.
After one trip, the Doctor returns Ali home to Karkinos.


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