Timeline: 1400-1301 BCE


1400 BCE

  • Upon the death of her father Amenhotep II, Erimemushinteperem (18) is poised to be crowned Pharaoh of Egypt. Conspiracies begin amassing, including one involving a psionic entity. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Peri Brown (18) arrive in this time, and help stop the conspirators and the entity. Erimem decides to abdicate her position, and joins them (along with her cat Antranak) on the TARDIS.1

1392 BCE

  • The reprobate Olympian father god Zeus (1126) poses as Alcmena's husband Amphitryon in order to have sex with her.

1391 BCE

  • January 21. Alcmena gives birth to a son in Alcaeus. Alcmena's husband Amphitriyon believes the child to be his.
  • June 1. Hera sends snakes to kill Alcaeus. The baby kills them with his bare hands.

Other births: Megara (February 18)

1390 BCE

  • September 5. Oedipus is born to Jocasta and Laius in Thebes. Laius hears a prophecy, and tries to have his son killed. The baby is instead taken to Corinth.

1381 BCE

  • Births: Iolaus (September 27)

1378 BCE

  • Hercules (Heracles/Alcaeus) (13) begins training with the satyr Philoctetes.

1373 BCE

  • Learning of a prophecy wherein he kills his father and marries his mother, Oedipus (16) leaves Corinth to avoid doing so to his adoptive parents.

En route to Thebes, Oedipus comes across Laius, and slays him.
At Thebes, Oedipus faces a Sphinx. He successfully guesses the answer to the Sphinx's riddle, and she departs. As a reward, Oedipus is given Queen Jocasta's hand in marriage, not realizing she is his biological mother.

1371 BCE

  • Hercules (20) meets Megara (20). Sent to seduce him by Hades (1159), she instead falls in love with him.

1370 BCE

  • The Trade Federation is founded in the Galactic Republic by primarily Neimoidian agents.

Hercules (21) and Megara (21) are married.

1367 BCE

1365 BCE

  • May 22. Hera (1158) sends madness to Hercules (26), and in a blind rage he murders Megara (26) and their children.

After meeting with the Oracle at Delphi, a guilt-stricken Hercules sets out for atonement, and travels to Tiryns where he is to serve King Eurystheus. Eurystheus tells Hercules he must perform Ten Labours to achieve cleansing of his sin. He brings his nephew/eromenos, Iolaus (15), with him.
Hercules travels to Nemea, and slays a lion who loved to trick and kill heroes. Hercules skins the lion and wears its hide upon return to Tiryns. Eurystheus is frightened, and has a giant jar built to hide in.

1364 BCE

  • September 10. Nefertiti is born in Egypt.

1358 BCE

  • Oedipus (31) discovers that he had fulfilled the prophecy, and his wife Jocasta is his mother, while he had killed his father. In his grief, he gouges out his own eyes and exiles himself. Jocasta commits suicide.

1355 BCE

  • April 28. Joshua (110) dies.

1353 BCE

  • A horrible man visits the town of Gibeah with his concubine. After staying in a house, a horde of rapists appears, and he gives them his concubine. She is raped until she dies. In the aftermath, he takes her corpse home, chops it up, and has the pieces delivered to the various Israelite tribes. They somehow know to launch a campaign of genocide, as is their wont, and slaughter the Benjaminite tribe. Feeling guilty for once, they slaughter more men, and take those men's women, and give them over to the Benjaminite survivors.

1341 BCE

  • August 14. Tutankhaten is born to Pharaoh Akhenaten and his sister/wife in Egypt.

1339 BCE

  • The Thessalian Aeacus prays to Zeus () to populate his homeland of Aegina. Zeus assents, transforming a colony of ants into humans, who are soon dubbed the Myrmidons.2

1334 BCE

  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) visits Egypt, meeting Queen Nefertiti (30). After they defeat a swarm of giant wasps, she leaves with him in his TARDIS. She never returns.

1332 BCE

  • Penny Peterson and Sherman Peabody (7) (both 2014) arrive in Egypt via the WABAC Machine. When Penny meets King Tutankhaten (9), she agrees to marry him. Sherman departs the period and returns with Mr. Peabody (9), who rescues them.

1326 BCE

  • April 25. The vampire Varnae (17189) sires the Hebrew Samuel the Frump (40), turning him into a vampire.

1323 BCE

1316 BCE

  • The Hebrew Ehud manages to sneak up on the Moabite king Eglon while he is in a cave defecating, and kills him. Eglon is so fat his body absorbs the sword. His body is not discovered until days later, as the guards are too afraid to disrupt Eglon's private time.


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