Timeline: 1351-1400



  • December 19. Representatives of the planet Colu present their allies on Krypton with Brainiac, a computer program designed to streamline the running of their government.
  • Births: Hildegard Antoinette Spellman (April 13)


  • December 2. Thomas Arundel is born in Etchingham, Sussex, England.


  • April 4-8. Professor Edward Johnston (1999) enters a time-travel machine and arrives in this era in France near Castelgard. He integrates himself and leaves a message for his compatriots in the future to come get him. Graduate students Chris Hughes and Kate Erickson, and associate professor André Marek come to this time. Their escorts are killed almost immediately, and the trio set out to find their friend. They are pulled into local politics, which includes a refugee from their time who has gone mad by temporal displacement errors. When they reach the inexplicable deadline for retrieval, Marek remains behind because he loves medieval France.1



  • April 15. Henry of Bolingbroke is born in Lincolnshire, England.



  • The Vulcan colony of Vulcana Rega is founded.


  • The Dominion begins to infiltrate the Hur'q. When Founders are discovered, the Hur'q go to war with the Dominion.



  • The Hur'q withdraw from Qo'noS.


  • The Hur'q fall to the Dominion.


  • January. A ship carrying twins Viola and Sebastian sinks in the Adriatic Sea. The twins both survive, but separately, not realizing the other is alive. Viola washes up on the shore of Illyria. With help, she adopts a male persona in Cesario, and comes to work for the Duke Orsino. Viola soon finds herself falling in love with Orsino, while Orsino's fiancé Olivia falls in love with "Cesario". When Sebastian shows up, Olivia proposes marriage to him, thinking him Cesario, and he agrees due to being an idiot. Viola reveals her true self to Orsino, and they marry as well.2


  • November 9. Isabella of Valois is born in Paris, France.


  • October 31. As part of the peace ending the Hundred Years War, King Charles VI of France marries his daughter Isabella (6) to King Richard II of England.


  • The local emperor of an Andean culture, Kuzco, prepares to come of age. A selfish boor, he dismisses his elderly vizier Yzma, who seeks revenge. Using alchemy, she and her assistant Kronk try to kill Kuzco, but instead accidentally turn him into a llama. Kuzco survives through the kindness of a peasant named Pacha, whose village Kuzco plans to level. Over their journey together, Kuzco learns humility and kindness by way of Pacha's example. Yzma ends up getting turned into a cat, and Kronk finds his passion as a chef.3


  • September 30. Henry of Bolingbroke (33) usurps the throne of the King of England, overthrowing Richard II.4
  • October 13. Henry IV is crowned King of England.5


  • January-February. The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (34), Barbara Wright (31), and Vicki Pallister (17) arrive near an abbey in Sonning, England. They meet the imprisoned queen Isabella (10), wife of the deposed King Richard II. The Doctor becomes Isabella's tutor, and Vicki her closest confidante. When the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Arundel (46) arrives, the travelers are caught up in the political machinations. The Doctor and Barbara travel to Canterbury, where they meet Geoffrey Chaucer (66). Ian and Vicki separately get to London. They discover that Richard has died. The travelers, Isabella, and Chaucer escape, after defeating the Archbishop and scaring him off. Chaucer departs to Wales to live in hiding, while Isabella returns to the abbey.
  • October 25. Geoffrey Chaucer (67) dies in Wales.


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