Timeline: 1301-1350



  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (25) arrive on a prison transport starship, and come across the deposed empress Safira Valtris as she is making an epic escape attempt. The Doctor's brilliance derails her plan, and Peri's words keep her from desperately turning the situation violent.1


  • When a miller makes a ridiculous claim that his daughter can spin straw into gold, a local German lord has the girl abducted and traps her in a tower. He demands she achieve the feat or be executed. The imp Rumpelstiltskin (377) appears, and agrees to make the transformations for her. Over two more consecutive days, the lord threatens the girl, and Rumpelstiltskin helps, but on the third day he demands payment: her firstborn child. Facing death, she agrees. After the third day, the disgusting lord agrees to marry the girl.2


  • The German lady who had once been held captive by her husband gives birth to a child. The woman refuses to give up the child when Rumpelstiltskin (378) appears to collect the debt. He gives her an option to release her from her bargain, if she can somehow tell him his heretofore unmentioned name. She later follows him to his lair, where he inexplicably sings about his name aloud. When Rumpelstiltskin comes to collect, she reveals the name, and he releases her from the contract, but in a fit of pique, he splits himself in space-time.3


  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (25) arrive on a station where a man is rapidly passing through his timeline, and the Doctor himself is suffering from a temporal illness, and must defuse a chrono bomb. He is successful.4


  • A portion of the Stone of Destiny is brought to Ireland and becomes known as the Blarney Stone.


  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) drops Nyssa (24) off on the island of Rhodes. She meets the Knight Templar Mulberry, and the two get caught in a time tunnel.




  • The holographic Doctor (3/2374) is psionically transplanted into the body of the Ocampa Ced. He encounters the war chief Lia, who is impregnated by a Nacene. Kes (6/2376) appears in a semi-corporeal form and merges with Lia. After giving birth, a Kes simulacrum created of Kes's anger and Lia's body travels to 2376 to attack the USS Voyager.5
  • The Nacene Caretaker creates an array to allow the Ocampa to live underground and thrive.


  • The Eternal Realm of Bgztl is founded upon the union of the nation-states of Bgztl.


  • June 25. Geoffrey Chaucer is born in London, England.


  • Construction is completed on the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral.


  • February 23. Zerelda Penelope Spellman is born.


  • The Hur'q invade and conquer Qo'noS.
  • April 7. The Tan Bohemia comes into existence in her namesake land.
  • Robert Doniger arrives in this era, sent back in time by his employees in 1999, as punishment for being callous about others' lives. An act of intentional homicide, the successful plan involves Doniger becoming infected with the Black Death.6




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