Timeline: 1300-1251 BCE


1291 BCE

  • February 16. Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II's son, Teth-Adam, is born in Egypt.

1290 BCE

1288 BCE

1285 BCE

  • January 5. In Sparta, Queen Leta gives birth to four children: Clytemnestra, Helen, Castor, and Pollux. Due to the strange circumstances of the night of the children's conception, Leta's husband Tyndareus, the Olympian god Zeus (who had raped Leta as a swan), and the goddess of retribution Nemesis (having dropped Helen into Leta's womb) are all also parents of the children.

1284 BCE

  • June 13. Chay-Ara is born on Thanagar.

1282 BCE

  • June 9. Katar Hol is born on Thanagar.

1281 BCE

  • Aphrodite (2239) seduces the human Anchises, and gets pregnant.1

July 14. Paris is born to Hecuba and Priam in the city-state of Troy in Asia Minor.

1280 BCE

  • February 12. The goddess Aphrodite (2239) gives birth to a son she names Aeneas. Aphrodite brings the boy to mountain nymphs to raise.2

1279 BCE

  • September 3. The nymph Thetis gives birth to her human son Achilles. Hoping to protect him from harm, she dips the newborn infant in the River Styx, holding him by the heel. The waters cause him to be unable to be killed through any wound on the area immersed. Unfortunately, the foolish nymph fails to dip his heel in as well, leaving him a single vulnerable spot.3

1275 BCE

  • Mountain nymphs return the boy Aeneas (5) to his father Anchises.

1271 BCE

  • Shazam (7174), a member of the Egyptian court, adopts Pharaoh Rameses II's son Teth-Adam (20) as his new champion, Mighty Adam.

1270 BCE

  • July 22. Katarina is born outside of Troy in Asia Minor.

1269 BCE

  • Thetis and Peleus bring their son Achilles (10) and his companion Patroclus (12) to the centaur Chiron, trainer of heroes, to raise.


  • Jason sets out on a quest to the land of Colchis.

1266 BCE

1265 BCE

  • March. Paris (15), after defeating some cattle thieves, has an affair with the nymph Oenone.

1263 BCE

  • Thanagarians Katar Hol (19) and Chay-Ara (21) arrive on Earth in Egypt. Hol is adopted into the family of Pharaoh Rameses II.

1260 BCE

  • August. The Olympian goddess of discord Eris sends a golden apple to Zeus (1258) to give to the "fairest". Zeus sends it to the Trojan Paris (21), who gives it to Aphrodite (2260). Aphrodite, as reward, makes the highly attractive Helen fall in love with Paris. Paris takes her back to Troy. Agamemnon, Helen's husband Menelaus's brother, begins a siege of Troy in order to recover Helen. This is the beginning of the Trojan War.

1255 BCE

  • July 1. Khufu Kha-Tarr (Katar Hol) (27) and Chay-Ara (29) are murdered by Hath-Set. He curses them, resulting in their perpetual reincarnation.


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