Timeline: 1251-1300



  • September 15. Marco Polo is born in Venice, Republic of Venice.


  • May 5. Kublai becomes Khan of the Mongol Empire.



  • February 4. Beatrice di Folco Portinari is born in Florence, Florentine Republic.


  • A physician and Crusader encounters the Lazarus Pit for the first time, and renames himself Ra's al Ghul, The Demon's Head.


  • The Doctor and Susan Foreman, and Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright arrive on the Silk Road in China, where the TARDIS breaks down. They meet Marco Polo, and end up having to travel with him to the court of Kublai Khan. Susan befriends young Ping-Cho. Ultimately, they are able to leave aboard the TARDIS, after helping Marco stop an attempted assassination of the Khan.


  • June 6. Beatrice Portinari (24) dies giving birth in Pangea, Antarctica. Dante Alighieri, too late to save her, tries to kill Belasco, who overpowers him. Belasco accidentally bursts a cooling pipe, and combined with mystical energies, is frozen solid, long enough for Dante to escape with Beatrice's body.


  • February 18. Kublai Khan dies.

December 4. Inuyasha is born to a human woman in Japan. His father is a dog demon.


  • The Stone of Destiny is stolen from Scotland and placed at Westminster Abbey in London.


  • April. Dante Alighieri (35) encounters the ghost of the Roman poet Virgil, who takes him on a tour of Lucifer's Hell and the Purgatory realm. His beloved Beatrice appears to guide him through Yahweh's Heaven.


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