Timeline: 1250-1201 BCE


1250 BCE

  • July. When Agamemnon (37) takes for himself one of the spoils of war, the queen Briseis, who had been promised to Achilles (28), a furious Achilles declines continuing his role in the war with Troy.1
  • Achilles's companion Patroclus (31) leads a force of Myrmidons against the rapidly advancing Trojans. The Trojans are forced to retreat, but the god Apollo interferes, causing Patroclus confusion, allowing Trojan warrior Hector the chance, who slays Patroclus.2
  • Achilles learns of the death of Patroclus, and resumes his role as leader of the Myrmidons. Achilles's fury emboldens the warriors, and they quickly push back the Trojans.3
  • July 28. Achilles reaches Hector, and the two battle. Hector is completely outmatched, and begs Achilles for respect to his own remains after he is killed. Achilles instead swears to mutilate Hector's corpse, which he does after killing Hector, dragging the body behind his chariot.4
  • August. The Greeks build a giant hollow wooden horse. A number of elite Greek soldiers (including Odysseus []) hole up inside of it, and most of the rest of the Greeks feign departure back to Greece. One Greek soldier remains, to act as a decoy, claiming to have been abandoned. One Trojan, Laocoön, suspects any Greeks bearing gifts, and so Poseidon sends serpents to attack him and his sons to prevent their stopping the horse from being brought into the city. The Trojans bring it into the city, allowing the Greeks to bust out of the horse, laying siege to it from the inside, and opening the gates for the hidden reinforcements.5
  • The Doctor, Vicki Pallister (18), and Steven Taylor (26) get caught up at the end of the Trojan War. Vicki adopts the identity of Cressida, and falls in love with Trojan Prince Troilus (16). As Troy falls, Troilus barely survives a fight with Achilles. Vicki remains behind to care for Troilus. The Doctor, Steven, and a Trojan handmaiden named Katarina (20) escape in the TARDIS.6
  • During the siege of Troy, time travelers Mr. Peabody (9), Sherman Peabody (7), and Penny Peterson (all 2014) arrive. Sherman joins the Greeks, and Peabody has to save him. When he is believed killed, Sherman and Penny return to the future, leaving the survived Mr. Peabody stranded.7
  • August 17. Paris, amidst the fighting, notices Achilles in battle. He fires an arrow at Achilles, and it hits him right in his ankle, the place where his mortality is localized. Achilles soon succumbs to the out-sized injury and dies.
  • Aeneas (), his son Ascanius, father Anchises, and a few others manage to escape Troy as it falls. They begin wandering through Asia Minor and the Mediterranean region seeking a new home.8
  • August 19. Paris (31) is critically wounded by the Greek hero Philoctetes. His ex-lover, the nymph Oenone, refuses to heal him, and he dies.
  • August 24. Mr. Peabody creates a rudimentary WABAC Machine that he uses for a one-way trip back to 2014.
  • Odysseus sets out on a journey with several ships to return to Ithaca, getting immediately lost in a storm. Encountering the Cyclops Polyphemus, who eats some of the crew, Odysseus blinds him, allowing them to escape. Shortly after, after receiving a bag of winds, Odysseus's men open it, forcing their ships away from Ithaca.
  • December 20. Agamemnon (38), shortly after returning to Greece, is murdered by his wife Clytemnestra and cousin Aegisthus.

1247 BCE

  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard (19/1930), and Will Shakespeare (8/1572) accidentally arrive near Carthage. They meet up with the Doctor's former companion Vicki Pallister (21), and the Doctor learns about his own ignorance.

1244 BCE

  • Aeneas (36) and his "Aeneads" are caught in a storm initiated by the god Aeolus, under the orders of Hera. Poseidon angrily interferes, and the mystical energies collide to propel the Aeneads 400 years into the future.9

1240 BCE

1230 BCE

  • In the Labyrinth of Crete, Theseus confronts the Minotaur Asterion, and kills him.

1229 BCE

  • October 30. The Eternal Daedalus's son Icarus (14) dies after using mechanical wings and losing consciousness in the high altitudes. The grief-stricken Daedalus changes his name to Ikaris in honor of his son.

1223 BCE

  • Mighty Adam (68) is corrupted by Shazam's demonic daughter Blaze (43). Shazam punishes him by stripping him of his powers and imprisoning his soul.

1214 BCE

  • Cressida (Vicki Pallister) (54) has a scribe write the story of her encounter with the Frostfire entity. When reading it to said entity, it burns the scroll up in a futile attempt to regain power.

1209 BCE

  • September 26. Gideon, son of Joash, is born in Canaan.


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