Timeline: 1201-1250



  • September 25. The Chozo bring to consciousness their biological computer Mother Brain.


  • The Bgztlian scientific consensus creates the touchstones, which are able to lock a person in space-time, and end the resurrections that terrorized the populace.


  • Temujin (43) unites the Mongol confederations under his rule, founding the Mongol Empire, and beginning their path of conquest. He renames himself Genghis Khan.


  • The "eleventh" Doctor spends some time living in a monastery in Cumbria in northern England. He leaves after his TARDIS gets a call from Clara Oswald in 2013.1


  • April 10. On her sixteenth birthday, Princess Aurora pricks her finger on a spinning wheel, and falls into a coma, as part of the evil fairy Maleficent's curse.2
  • October 19. Prince Philip (15) breaches the castle wherein Princess Aurora lies comatose. He faces the Fey Maleficent (58), who has taken the form of a dragon, plunging a sword into her chest. Philip reaches Aurora, and awakens her with a kiss.3



  • March 4. The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka (25), and Vislor Turlough (20) uncover a conspiracy of the Master (Tremas possession) to undo the signing of the Magna Carta with the use of a shape-shifting robot, Kamelion. They defeat the Master, and Kamelion joins them on the TARDIS.[5]

June 15. The Magna Carta is signed.
September 23. Kublai (later Khan) is born in Asia.



  • March 26. The man who eventually comes to call himself Ra's al Ghul is born.



  • August 26. Genghis Khan (64), first Mongol emperor of China, dies.


  • September 23. The Iberian Kingdoms of Castile and León unite to form the Crown of Castile.5
  • September 23. The Tan Spain is comes into existence in the Iberian peninsula.


  • The TARDIS materializes in England carrying the Doctor (third incarnation) and a stowaway Sarah Jane Smith (1973). The Doctor and eventually Sarah Jane discover that a Sontaran soldier, Linx, has been abducting scientists from 1973 to help repair his ship while colluding with natives of this era. The Sontaran dies and the weapons he gives the natives are destroyed, and the Doctor manages to return the scientists back to the future.


  • With the defeat of the Almohad dynasty, Muhammad I ibn Nasr founds the Emirate of Granada in the southern Iberian peninsula.
  • December 6. The immortal Christian gift-giver, St. Nicholas (968), finds an orphaned Moor boy named Boutros (15) living in the Emirate of Granada. Taking pity on him, he takes the boy back with him to his North Pole headquarters, and renames him Zwarte Piet ("Black Peter"), and imparts some immortality on him, making him one of his companions.


  • The child Tan Rus' is ganged up on by Tans Denmark, Sweden, Teutonic Knights, and Mongol Empire.


  • April 5. On the frozen Lake Peipus, a decisive battle takes place between the Livonian Order of the Teutonic Knights and forces of the Novgorod Republic. The Knights are defeated. The battle is influenced by the child Tans Rus' (105) and Teutonic Knights. Rus' nearly kills Teutonic Knights by choking him after he falls into the cracked ice.


  • December 24. Robin Hood (87) dies.


5^ Events of Doctor Who serial "The King's Demons" (1983). Explicitly in the months before the signing of the Magna Carta.

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