Timeline: 1200-1101 BCE


1200 BCE

1185 BCE

  • A Phrygian oracle at Telmessos prophesies that the next person to enter the city with an ox-cart was to be crowned king of Phrygia. Subsequently, the peasant Gordias, with his son Midas (15) in tow, enters Telmessos with an ox-cart. Gordias is crowned king of Phrygia. Midas ties the ox-cart's yoke down with an intricate knot as tribute to the god Sabazios, and the oracle prophesies that whoever should untangle the knot would become ruler of Asia.

1169 BCE

  • Yahweh's chosen judge Gideon (39) challenges him to wetting fleece tests. After Yahweh succeeds, Gideon goes on a mission to drive out oppressors by having the tiniest army possible to please the god.

1168 BCE

  • June 25. A spore on the planet Arthros in the realm called the Negative Zone attains sapience, eventually becoming Annihilus.

1164 BCE

  • Phrygian King Midas (36) prays to the Olympian Dionysus (735) for the gift of the ability to turn anything he touches to gold. Dionysus randomly decides to accede to it, and Midas discovers his new mystical power. Quickly he finds it a curse, as everything he touches becomes hard gold. Distraught that he might starve to death, his daughter Zoe comes to comfort him, and hugs him. She is turned to lifeless gold as well. Desperate, Midas entreats Dionysus to take back the gift, and in a rare show of Olympian mercy, Dionysus shows Midas how to remove the power, by bathing himself in the River Pactolus, as well as anything transformed. He does so, and his daughter is restored. He decides to give up his wealth and power, and departs to go worship Pan.

1160 BCE

May 1. Ruth is born in Moab.

1150 BCE

1147 BCE

1140 BCE

  • The Hebrew Naomi's husband and two sons die. One of her daughters-in-law, Mahlon's wife Ruth (20) of Moab, decides to stick with her. Shortly, she meets Naomi's relative Boaz, and despite complicated levirate marriage rules, they marry.

1132 BCE

  • February 21. The protocol droid C-3PO is first activated on the planet Affa.

1122 BCE

  • May 22. Dooku is born on Serenno. He is a noble with the rank of Count, and begins Jedi training in infancy.

1117 BCE

  • The urSkeks, the aliens stranded on the planet Thra, prepare the sacred Crystal for their departure. Something goes wrong, and the Crystal loses a shard. The eighteen urSkeks each split into two beings embodying aspects: the mammalian urRu and the avian Skeksis. The urRu depart the castle seeking enlightenment, while the Skeksis remain and take control of the castle and try to harness the power of the now "Dark" Crystal.1
  • During these events, the immortal sage Aughra is a witness. One of her eyes is turned blind by the sight.2

1112 BCE

  • June 7. Qui-Gon Jinn is born. Found by Jedi agents, he is trained in the Force from infancy.

1105 BCE

  • Mos Eisley space station is founded on Tatooine.

1102 BCE


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