Timeline: 1181-1190



  • Minor German King Leopold discovers a lamp containing the djinn Sadann. Leopold benevolently grants the djinn freedom from the lamp, and uses his second wish to give the third to the djinn. Sadann, grateful, joins Leopold's court.1


  • After his son James is killed, minor German king George arranges for his son's twin brother, David (15), to be a knight and dragon-slayer. After successfully killing a dragon, the king forces David into betrothal with a neighboring kingdom's princess.
  • November. A lovesick Sadann (2180), manipulated by Queen Grimhilde (51), kills King Leopold with snakes. After discovering that Grimhilde has tricked him and will send him away, Sadann uses the final wish of his djinn power to always be close to her. He is cast into a mirror realm and spies on her as her Magic Mirror.2


When the huntsman Eric returns to Grimhilde, he tries to pass a stag's heart off as the girl's. Grimhilde uses her powers to extract a mystical duplicate of the man's heart, binding him as her slave, whom she subsequently beds.
Snow White, now a thief, steals from Prince James (David) (16). After selling some stolen jewels, she is captured by David (who she dubs "Prince Charming"), and is forced to help him recover his engagement ring. They earn each other's trust after saving each other's lives, and fall in love.


  • May 5. Queen Grimhilde (53) takes the form of an old hag, and gets Snow White (18) to bite an enchanted apple. She falls into a coma. Upon discovering this, the dwarfs seek vengeance, and pursue Grimhilde, until she falls from a cliff. The charming prince, David (17), who knew Snow White from a previous encounter, comes upon the unconscious Snow, and awakens her with a kiss.

Prince David's mother Ruth is mortally wounded. David and Snow White marry as she dies so as to have her live to see them marry.
July 6. David Charming and Snow White are formally wed. Queen Grimhilde shows up to the wedding, and declares a curse upon them (and a bunch of random people throughout time).
July 6. Grimhilde visits her friend the Fey Maleficent (34), and takes back a powerful curse.
October 24. The abused girl Cinderella's (19) stepmother Lady Tremaine refuses to let her go to a ball. A fairy godmother, Farrah (299), appears, and magics up a dress, and transforms various animal friends of hers into servants and horses, and turns a pumpkin into a carriage. Cinderella goes to the ball after all, where she charms Prince Thomas "Charming" (16). With the strike of a clock at midnight, she flees the ball, leaving a glass slipper behind, which somehow remains intact despite the spell's ending.
October 25. Prince Thomas "Charming" sets out on a quest to find the mysterious girl at the ball by fitting the glass slipper on random women because he can't remember her face. The Tremaine sisters severely wound themselves in attempting to fit the slipper. Cinderella is revealed to be his quarry. In his anger, Thomas has Lady Tremaine and her daughters tortured to death.


  • March 3: The child Tan Bulgaria manifests in southeastern Europe.
  • October 22. Grimhilde (55), after speaking to Rumpelstiltskin (256), murders her father as the final part of her curse's requirements. She uses his heart as an ingredient.

October 23. Snow White (16) gives birth to a girl she names Emma. With Grimhilde's forces invading and the mystic energies cascading down upon their castle, David Charming (17) places Emma in a wooden wardrobe that transports her through space-time to 1983. David is slain by some of Grimhilde's soldiers.


  • July 9. The Blue Fairy (1982) takes pity on the baker Thomas Drury (32), the Muffin Man, and grants life force to a gingerbread boy he baked. He names the creature John Dough.
  • Births: a cat (August 10)


  • April 5. The sapient Donkey Donkey is born. He is born with the magical ability to speak, having inherited it from Balaam's ass.


  • July. An ailing miller gives his three sons their inheritance. The youngest son, Gian (16), receives a cat. The cat, who can speak the human language, manages to snag a pair of stylish boots, and Gian soon dubs his new friend "Puss in Boots". Puss, who takes a quick liking to Gian, begins plotting to enrich his young master.4
  • August. After several weeks building up rumors around the good, strong young Marquis of Carabas, Puss springs the final plan to get Gian into a Lombard king's good graces and marry his daughter. He has Gian strip naked and go for a swim, and then he presents Gian as the victim of a practical joke as his clothes were stolen, needing their replacement by truly royal garb from the king, who had been alerted to the "Marquis's" predicament. Puss has the king, princess, and Gian travel to a castle he claims is Gian's. Puss goes ahead, and finds the chosen castle's ruler, a shape-shifting ogre. He tricks the ogre into turning into a mouse, and he eats the ogre quickly. With the king impressed by Gian's house, he gives his daughter's hand to the youth.5


  • September 3. Richard I (31) is crowned King of England.

King Richard (32) spearheads the Third Crusade against Saladin (52) in the Levant.


The TARDIS arrives in this era near Jaffa in the Levant. The travelers (the Doctor, Ian Chesterton [1963], Barbara Wright [1963], and Vicki Pallister [2494]) become involved in the machinations between English King Richard the Lionhearted, leader of the Christian Crusader's forces, and Sultan Saladin, leader of the Islamic forces.
Robert, Earl of Huntington, a Christian Crusader, saves the life of a Moor named Azeem. They travel together back to England.


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