Timeline: 1161-1170




  • July 1. The Smurfs Natural, Snappy, and Slouchy (all 102) are accidentally mystically transformed back into Smurflings.
  • July 17. In order to cheer up Smurfette (3), the three Smurflings use Gargamel's Naughty spell and create a female Smurfling. Dubbed Sassette, she runs amok until Papa Smurf (545) transforms her into a full Smurf.
  • November. Gargamel (45) steals an item from Father Time to travel back in time in a scheme to change history. He fails.


  • The Notre Dame de Paris cathedral begins construction.
  • February. Grandpa Smurf (1029) returns to the Smurf Village, and he and a band of Smurfs (Papa [546], Hefty[102], Handy [102], Greedy [102], and Sassette) set out on a quest to replenish the energies of the Long Life Stone, which helps sustain the Smurf life-force. They gather mystical water from the Arctic, earth from Egypt, wind in Japan, and fire on Rapa Nui. Returning to the Village, they replenish the Stone. Grandpa decides to stay in the Village.
  • May 27. On his seventh birthday, the ogre Shrek is cast out from his home, as is ogre tradition.


  • September. The Smurf raised by squirrels is discovered, and joins Smurf society as Wild Smurf.1


  • September 2. Nanny Smurf (1032) returns to the Smurf Village.


  • September 8. A group of Smurfs (Grandpa [1033], Papa [550], Smurfette [8], Brainy [106], Clumsy [106], Hefty [106], Handy [106], Greedy [106], Grouchy [106], Lazy [106], Vanity [106], Jokey [106], Painter [106], Wild [106], Sassette [4], Snappy [106], and Baby [6]) are lost in time during a crisis.

In the absence of Papa, Grandpa, and Baby, Nanny Smurf (1033) decides she must find solutions to the problems of the now broken Smurf reproductive cycle. She sets out with Smurflings Nat (106) and Slouchy (106).
November 7. The timelost Smurfs return. Grandpa learns of the departure of Nanny, and he, Snappy, and Sassette set out to find her.

  • December 18. A pair of twin boys are born to a poor farmer and his wife Ruth. As part of a deal with the imp Rumpelstiltskin (), they give the firstborn of the boys to him. Rumpelstiltskin gives the infant to a local king. The one left behind is named David, while the one given away is named James.
  • December 24. John, second son of King Henry II, is born.


  • August 1-4. When Gargamel (50) attacks the Smurf Village, Clumsy Smurf (107) accidentally falls into a vortex sending him to 2011. He is followed by Papa (550), Smurfette (9), Brainy (107), Grouchy (107), and Gutsy (107), and then Gargamel and Azrael (36). After three days, Brainy returns and gathers the rest of the Smurfs, who briefly travel to 2011 as well. All of the Smurfs return, but Gargamel and Azrael remain in the future.




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