Timeline: 1151-1160



  • May 1. A boy named Eric is born in Ulster. His parents abandon him to the wolves, a group of whom, with their semi-Anthro ancestry, begin raising him as one of their own.
  • Other births: Thomas Drury (June 19), Yogurt (June 28)


  • A Zygon ship crashes on Earth near Loch Ness, Scotland.



  • April 12-17. A traveling merchant accidentally leaves a flute fashioned by the Smurfs at the castle of King Henry in the tiny kingdom of Peyo (in what is later Belgium). The court jester Pirlouit (33) discovers its magical properties, and uses it to force people to dance. The flute is stolen by a thief, who uses it to rob people so as to gather funds to raise an army and overthrow Henry. The young squire Johan (17) joins Pirlouit in search of a means of stopping the thief, and with the help of the wizard Homnibus, travels to the Smurf Village, and they become friends. The Smurfs fashion a second flute, and when the two flutes come together, Pirlouit defeats the thief in a musical duel. The Smurfs recover both flutes.1
  • September 8. Richard I is born to Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II of England.


  • July 31. The wizard Gargamel creates a false Smurf homunculus, that he dubs a Naughty2, to infiltrate the Smurf Village. The Naughty, a female (the first most of the Smurfs have ever seen), causes havoc, but Papa Smurf helps her to transform into a true Smurf and unleash her true nature, and names her Smurfette.3


(July 17)


  • September 23. A stork brings a lone baby Smurf to the Smurf Village.
  • November 11. Robert is born in Locksley, England. He will one day be the legendary Robin Hood.
  • Births: John Little (), Robert of Locksley (November 11)


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