Timeline: 1126-1150





  • March 3. Inept wizarding student Gargamel (14), along with his cat familiar Azrael, happens upon a small group of Smurfs (Papa [515], Brainy [71], Vanity [71], and Dreamy [71]) and discovers that they are supposedly useful in alchemical spells. Capturing Brainy, he is defeated by Papa, as a time-traveling version of himself (45) and Azrael (31) (from 1162) watch and fail in an attempt to change history.


  • Gargamel (15) flunks out of wizarding school.


  • July 19. Mervyn is born in Nottingham, England.


  • December 1. English King Henry (67) dies.


  • December 30. The child Tan Rus' comes into existence in the Kievan Rus'. He is adopted as a little brother by Kiev.


  • March 19. Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (Saladin) is born in Tikrit, Mesopotamia, Abbasid Caliphate.


  • Clara Oswald (30/2017) and Missy (twenty-first incarnation) arrive in England. They reunite with the Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation), and are confronted by the serpentine Colony Sarff. They are transported to away, followed by the TARDIS.1


  • July 25. The Kingdom of Portugal declares its independence from the Kingdom of Léon. The Tan Portugal (301) moves out of Leon's house.

The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) brings his companions Heather McCrimmon (19) and Wolfie Ryter (16) (both 2009) to Yasodharapura in the Khmer Empire to see the beginnings of construction of the Angkor Wat. Wolfie is attacked and possessed by an alien consciousness, which turns him into a werewolf-like lupine creature. He runs amok until, with the help of the Doctor and Heather, he breaks free, and reverts to normal, albeit naked and mentally and physically exhausted. The Doctor opts to return Wolfie home.2


  • Births: Johan (February 1)


  • July 5. Michael Tuck is born in England.


  • The governments of Bgztl form the Planetary League in order to combat the growing threat of the dead resurrections.


  • June 5. The Fey Maleficent is born in the magical Moors realm adjacent to the German petty kingdom of Farbestand.


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