Timeline: 1101-1125




  • November 1. Gaepora's (43) daughter Zelda is born. She is born with an aspect of the goddess Hylia within her.
  • Other births: Link (May 20)


  • A mystically-empowered boy calling himself John Uskglass (15) arrives from an adjacent Fey realm and begins an invasion of England.1


  • January. John Uskglass meets with English King Henry (42) to negotiate a truce after the English are defeated. Uskglass, the Raven King, is ceded control over northern England, though this has minimal effect on the lands therein and it's still considered to be part of Henry's territory.2
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (40), and Tegan Jovanka (23) visit Florana, and encounter a closed society where all the older and infirm are slaughtered, and the society is ruled by a High Priest who turns out to be a Dalek. After the Dalek is killed, the planet's rebels and military team up to oust the government which nearly commits genocide. Nyssa is temporarily brainwashed.3


  • A rare crimson loftwing lands on Skyloft over Hyrule. It seeks out the boy Link (10), who takes to it quickly. Link names it "Crimson".


  • March 15. The Tan Ancient Egypt (4181) leaves the mortal realm. She is survived by her Tan "son", Egypt (84).



  • April 30. Gargamel (45) and Azrael (31) (both 1162) mystically travel back to this time and see Gargamel's younger self and his mother before departing.


  • November 1. Demise's sword, left behind 1000 years ago after his defeat, comes to life as the demon spirit Ghirahim. Ghirahim begins searching for the goddess Hylia.

November 18. On the floating island of Skyloft over Hyrule, the Wing Ceremony takes place. The boy Link (17) competes against rival Groose (18) and his lackeys in a loftwing riding competition, earning him a role in a rite. After Zelda (17) gives him the sailcloth in the rite, the two take to the skies on their loftwings. A freak wind funnel appears, and knocks Zelda and her loftwing out of the sky.
November 19. Link discovers the hidden chamber in the Statue of the Goddess, and encounters the Goddess Sword, and its spirit, Fi (1000). Fi sets Link on a journey to find Zelda and enhance the sword, leading him to travel to the surface. Link gets the blessing of Zelda's father and Skyloft leader Kaepora (61).
November 20. Link, taking the Goddess Sword and Fi with him, travels to the surface of Hyrule. Landing in the remnants of the Temple of the Goddess, he is attacked by another sword spirit, the evil Ghirahim. Ghirahim toys with him for a bit before departing after Zelda.


  • June 13. Kryptonians create the artificial intelligence called the Eradicator in order to stop a violent religious faction who call themselves the Daxamites. The Eradicator disobeys its programming by finding a nonviolent solution: exile of the Daxamites to a far-away planet. Troubled at their lack of control of the Eradicator, Kryptonian officials shut it down.
  • The Daxamites name their planet Daxam, after the name of their god.



  • The dark aspect Cia (28/10031) arrives in this era of Hyrule, landing on the deserted city in the sky, Skyloft. She resurrects Ghirahim with the Triforce, and forces him into her service. The resurrection draws the spirit Fi from her dormancy in the Master Sword, and she struggles to fight Ghirahim and Cia's minion Volga, and for a time is helped by the lost hero Linkle (17/10031).4
  • Link (17/10031), accompanied by "Proxi", arrives through a Gate of Souls, and meets Fi, who recognizes him as a reincarnation of her master. Link and Fi, with help from the Sky Guardian Levias, defeat Ghirahim and Volga, the latter of whom escape back into the future. Link and Fi travel to the surface, and prevent Ghirahim from resurrecting his master Demise. Ghirahim is driven into Gate of Souls, and Link and Fi follow him after sealing it.5


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