Timeline: 110000-100001 BCE


103,537 BCE

  • The Kobolite androids, calling themselves the Thirteenth Tribe, depart Kobol, seeking freedom after a drawn-out conflict with their humanoid progenitors.
  • The Thirteenth Tribe makes planetfall on Yrth.

102,253 BCE

  • The Thirteenth Tribe begins constructing robots as laborers, unwittingly repeating the mistakes of their own forebears.

101,963 BCE

  • The Time Lords Doctor and Susan, and human abductee teachers Ian Chesterton (31), and Barbara Wright (29) (both 1963) arrive at this point and run afoul of a group of early humans, the "Tribe of Gum". The Doctor and Susan discover that the TARDIS's chameleon circuit is broken.1

101,779 BCE

  • The creature Mew arrives on the world later called Biisere from the energy dimension it heretofore resided in.

101,642 BCE

  • The Kobolite prophet Pythia records her prophecies.

101,372 BCE

  • The Kobolite peoples depart their homeworld in order to colonize the stars in order to avoid biological extinction. They depart as twelve tribes, leaving Kobol abandoned.

101,302 BCE

101,289 BCE

101,270 BCE

101,269 BCE

101,265 BCE

101,240 BCE

  • Five Yrthans (Saul [61] and Ellen Tigh [49], Sam Anders [30], Galen Tyrol [29], and Tory Foster [25]), giving themselves the name "Final Five", fearing the destruction of Yrth in a nuclear holocaust due to the mounting tensions between the humanoid and mechanical beings, begin working on restoring the Thirteenth Tribe's former ability to download their consciousnesses into cloned bodies. They set up a laboratory, and a remote receptacle for their clone bodies.

101,234 BCE

  • Civil war ignites on Yrth. Within minutes the population is eradicated in the nuclear annihilation. The Final Five are killed, but their consciousnesses are downloaded into new bodies. The Five depart Yrth's orbit, and head for Kobol.

101,187 BCE

  • The Final Five reach Kobol and find it deserted. They continue their search for the Twelve Tribes.

101,146 BCE

  • The Kobolite Twelve Tribes settle the twelve worlds of a large quarternary star system (the one abandoned thirty millennia earlier). The planets are each settled by an individual tribe: Aerilon, Aquaria, Canceron, Caprica, Gemenon, Leonis, Libran, Picon, Sagittaron, Scorpia, Tauron, and Virgon.

100,060 BCE

  • An Observer comes into existence on the Observer homeworld.

100,001 BCE


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