Timeline: 1051-1100



  • Canmore (22) leads the first assault against Scotland.1


  • October 8. The Millennials' servant Artemis is reincarnated as a white cat in England.
  • October 13. The Millennials' servant Luna is reincarnated as a black cat in Japan.


  • December 4. Luna (1) and Artemis (1) are reunited. They begin searching the Earth for signs of the reincarnation of any of the Millennium Matriarchy’s generals.


  • Canmore (25) and his English allies begin an invasion of Scotland.
  • August 15. After Demona (119) betrays Macbeth (52), his forces are routed, and her entire clan is slain. Macbeth is apparently killed by Canmore (as The Hunter), and Luach (24) becomes High King of Scotland. When Macbeth and Demona revive, Gruoch (51) makes Macbeth go into hiding.


  • March 21. The Wyvern gargoyle clan's rookery eggs, safe on the mystical island of Avalon, hatch. Katharine, Tom, and the Magus name the gargoyle infants Angela, Gabriel, Ophelia, and many others, as well as garbeasts such as Boudicca.
  • April 23. Canmore (26) kills Luach (24). Gruoch (52) commits suicide.
  • April 25. Canmore is crowned High King of Scotland as Malcolm III.


  • June 25. The female Smurfs give birth to their offspring. All of their males are taken by a stork to the Smurf Village outside Liege. There, Only Smurf (443) takes them in, and begins calling himself Papa Smurf. One of the babies accidentally lands deep in the forest, and is raised by squirrels.
  • Other births: Rauru (June 23), Gaepora (November 5)


  • January 5. English King Edward the Confessor (63) dies after suffering a series of strokes in December. He is succeeded as King by Harold Godwinson.
  • July. The Doctor, Vicki Pallister (18), and new companion Steven Taylor (26/2251) arrive in Northumbria, England. They have an encounter with another Time Lord, the Monk, who is posing as a real monk, and attempting to wipe out the Viking invaders before they reach England.2
  • October 14. Norman King William the Conqueror conquers England after slaying English King Harold Godwinson (44) at the Battle of Hastings.3


  • March 20. Bombur (399) dies.
  • November 30. Henry, son of William the Conqueror, is born.4


  • June 25. The Great Smurf Naming Ceremony takes place. Papa Smurf (463) names the many Smurflings (all 20), including Affectionate, Alchemist, Archaeologist, Baker, Barber, Blacksmith, Brainy, Camper, Carpenter, Chef, Clueless, Clumsy, Cobbler, Complimentary, Crazy, Dabbler, Disabled, Dreamy, Editor, Equilibrist, Explorer, Fakir, Farmer, Finance, Fisher, Flighty, Flying, Greedy, Grouchy, Gullible, Gutsy, Handy, Harmony, Hefty, Hunter, Jokey, Karate, Laundry, Lazy, Liar, Loser, Lucky, Magician, Mariner, Miller, Miner, Narrator, Natural, Nobody, Nosey, Nurse, Owner, Painter, Paleontologist, Panicky, Paranoid, Party-Planner, Passive-Aggressive, Poet, Policeman, Postman, Potter, Pretentious, Pushover, Reporter, Reveler, Scaredy, Scuba, Sculptor, Showoff, Sloppy, Slouchy, Smooth, Snappy, Social, Suspicious, Sweepy, Table-Eating, Therapist, Timber, Timid, Tracker, Traveler, Tuffy, Vanity, Weakling, Weather, Weepy, Winner, and Wooly.


  • Rauru (31) leaves Skyloft, traveling to the surface of Hyrule. He re-discovers the Temple of Time.


  • November 13. Scots King Malcolm III (62) is killed in battle against the English.


  • Mathias Cronqvist manipulates his friend Leon Belmont as part of an elaborate scheme to become an immortal vampire as part of a vengeance scheme against Yahweh for the death of his wife Elisabetha. Leon, whose own fiance Sara Trantoul had been vampirized, and had sacrificed herself to merge with the Whip of Alchemy to forge the Vampire Killer whip, pledges his clan to destroy Mathias. Mathias, in transforming into a vampire, becomes a "soul-clone" of the as yet unborn Dracula.5


  • August 15. Henry Beauclerc (31) succeeds his brother William Rufus after his death as King Henry I of England.6


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