Timeline: 1026-1050



  • October 5. Malcolm is born to Duncan (29) and his wife in Scotland. He becomes more well known as "Canmore".


February 28. The Tan Egypt comes into existence in Cairo. He is adopted as the "son" of the Tan Ancient Egypt (4174).
November 28. Gillecomgain (50) marries Gruoch (27). They conceive a child.
November 30. Macbeth (27) and his gargoyle associate (94) battle Gillecomgain (50), who is killed. Macbeth becomes High Steward of Moray, and marries Gruoch.


  • August 9. Luach is born to Gruoch (27) at Castle Moray, Scotland. Though his biological father is the late Gillecomgain, his stepfather Macbeth (28) treats him as his own son.


  • Duncan (33) ascends to the throne of King of Scotland as Duncan I.


The Kingdoms of Aragon and Castile are partitioned from the Kingdom of Navarre.


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) traces the Hornet Swarm to its earliest manifestation on Earth. After it takes over a wolfhound (who the Doctor later dubs "Captain"), they escape on the TARDIS, and the swarm takes over the Doctor.


  • March 17. English "King" Harold Harefoot (24) dies from "divine judgment".
  • May. The Weird Sisters, posing as human witches stirring a large cauldron, manipulate Duncan (38) into moving against Macbeth (35) using prophecies that enrage Duncan.1
  • The Weird Sisters bring Macbeth and the Gargoyle female (102) together, and forge a mystical bond between the two, aging Macbeth and restoring the Gargoyle's youth, and giving them each immortality.2
  • August 14. Macbeth's forces defeat those of Duncan (38), who dies violently when he touches a magical orb. Canmore (8) is spared execution, and exiled.3
  • September 29. Macbeth is crowned High King of Scotland, swearing on the Stone of Destiny. He names his gargoyle ally his primary advisor, and gives her a name: Demona.4


  • October 4. The lesser demon Elyse spawns in a hell realm.


May 8. Sidric Silkbeard Olafsson (72) dies.


  • March 23. The Great Deku Tree creates Saria and Mido, two Kokiri who are given a certain amount of added intelligence and awareness. Saria comes to be beloved amongst the Kokiri while Mido takes the title of "Boss of the Kokiri", and is not well liked.


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