Timeline: 101001-200000



Robotov servo droids abduct the Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Fenella Wibbsey (2010) to this point. There the Doctor, mistaken for the rebel leader Father Gregory, heals Alex, the cyborg heir to the Robotov Empire. They face the threat of the Skishtari, which have lain an egg inside Alex Robotov to bring about universal domination. The Doctor sends Alex and his personal doctor the Robotov Boolin away, while the Doctor and Mrs. Wibbsey attempt to return home, but accidentally materialize in Hexford in 1861.

  • Not long after, Boolin and Alex return, ten years having passed for them.


Mike Yates, the second Doctor clone, and the residents of the village (all 2011) spend three months in the displaced Hexford on the Rebel Moon before the fourth Doctor and Fenella Wibbsey arrive. When the second Doctor - whose clone nature is revealed - helps the Skishtari find the egg, the Skishtari attack and destroy encroaching Robotov servo units. The egg hatches, and attacks the villagers, until the grown-up Alex Robotov, now Czar, uses the bond he's forged with the infant to get it to destroy its own kind, and Alex leaves with it, sending Hexford back to Earth's past.


The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot () visit Earth, now a matriarchal society, and run by the ancient tyrant Chairman Babs. The Doctor and Jamie are sent to a space prison for being uppity men, while Zoe is brainwashed into becoming a diehard man-hater. The Doctor foments revolution, brought about by his fellow male prisoners and female dissidents on Earth, and with the help of a cross-dressing Jamie. Chairman Babs, who lusts for the Doctor, is deposed, and an equal society is restored. When Zoe's brainwashing appears unbreakable, Jamie gives her a spanking, which restores her mind.


  • Refugees from 1964 and 2071 arrive in this era on Earth.1





The Jagrafress takes over the Terran Empire.


  • The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation), Rose Tyler (19/2006), and Adam Mitchell (21/2012) arrive on a space station in this era. They discover that the Terran Empire is controlled by the Jagrafress's media manipulations, and manage to overthrow it. Adam undergoes surgery to make his brain into a data bank, with a port installed in his forehead. His attempts to use this for profit result in his expulsion from the TARDIS in his native 2012.2


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