Timeline: 101-200



  • River Song arrives on the island of Great Britain, and meets up with a Roman Legionary composed of Autons, which includes a resurrected Rory Williams. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Amy Pond (22/2010) show up, and they all travel to Stonehenge. The Auton Rory shoots Amy, an alliance of aliens places the Doctor in the Pandorica, and the timeline splits.1


  • September 1. On the planet Hyrule, the goddess Nayru gives birth to a daughter she names Hylia.



  • On the planet Hyrule, the demon Demise and his forces invade the Hylian Kingdoms of Eldin, Faron, Lanayru, and Ordona, the Mogma Treasury, Goron City, Parella Domain of Zora, and the Kikwi Forest. The Sheikah forces of the Kakariko Plain join in the battle against Demise. Thousands die.2
  • The demigoddess Hylia (15) banishes Demise, trapping him in a pit. She creates the realm of Skyloft in the sky, transporting the Hylians there to protect them from the return of Demise.
  • August 8. Hylia creates the spirit Fi, who goes into suspended animation until needed. Hylia herself discorporates so that she may be reborn.

November 1. The reborn Hylia, acting as a guiding spirit to the girl Zelda (15), arrives at this point from 1121. She enters suspended animation to protect Zelda's soul from Demise's servant Ghirahim. The Sheikah general Impa (36) guards Zelda for a thousand years as the Sheikah elders cast a spell on her to ensure she will always protect Zelda.


  • September 7. During the Blue Moon, a stork delivers a lone baby Smurf to the Smurf Village in the province of Belgica in the Roman Empire.
  • September 7. A host of female Smurfs are born in the females' haven.




  • September 8. Faisal ibn Baulus is born to Tehrista (116) and Paul (Pol Krinn) outside a village on the Arabian peninsula.




  • February 7. A relative newcomer to the village where Tehrista (117) and Paul (Pol Krinn) live, Beryl (2164), rallies a mob against the ageless couple. Realizing that his time with Tehrista has ended, Pol rescues Faisal (4) from the mob and pulls him out of time. He, Faisal, and Bits travel forward nearly two millennia. Tehrista, thinking her son slain, unconsciously releases a death scream, killing all of the villagers (save Beryl, who teleports away back to her extra-dimensional headquarters), and believes she killed Paul as well.



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