Timeline: 1001-1025



  • April 14. The Tan Persia (1812) decides to discorporate. He is survived by his "son" Iran.
  • Births: Duncan (November 21).


  • Other births: the demon Him (June 20)

June 20. The demon known only as Him comes into existence in a hell realm.


Scottish King Kenneth III is overthrown.
October 19. Gruoch is born in Scotland. Her father is Bodhe.
Apokoliptian junior despot Darkseid instigates a war with New Genesis.


  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Tamsin Drew (37/2010) visit a monastery in Ireland, and discover a conspiracy to steal the Book of Kells. The conspirators are the Monk (third incarnation) and his associate "Brother Lucianus" (a disguised Lucie Miller [24]), who escape without the tech they need to repair the Monk's TARDIS. The Doctor does not encounter Lucie.1


  • + The Archmages (984) meet up with the Weird Sisters (all 4799) and have them begin manipulating Macbeth and the future Demona.

September. Gillecomgain (38), in his guise of the Hunter, attacks Castle Moray and murders High Steward of Moray Findlaech, under orders from Duncan (18). The female gargoyle survivor (82) of the Wyvern Clan saves Macbeth (15). Gillecomgain becomes High Steward of Moray.


  • Harold Godwinson is born in Wessex, England.


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