Timeline: 10001-11000



  • Births: Cia (September 17)



  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (22) are caught up in a Wirrn incursion on the GalSec colony world of Carista VII. They help the dying sapient Wirrn queen bring a new sapient queen about in an unfortunate human host, and potential for peace is brought about as a result.1


  • August 14. The disembodied essence of Ganondorf Dragmire enters the body of the Hyrulean Guardian of Time Cia (27). Filling her with enmity due to her lonely position and her distant unrequited love for the many incarnations of the Hero Link, his presence forces her kindness out of her body. Given Cia's highly mystical nature, an entirely new being, Lana, is created through that energy. Cia departs their hidden realm and begins seeking a means to claim the entire Triforce as her own, now that she has, through her channeling of Ganondorf, come into possession of the Triforce of Power.2
  • August 17. Seeking allies for her invasion of Hyrule, Cia travels to the Goron mines in Eldin Province. There she finds the spectral creature Wizzro (who is the malevolent spirit of a magic ring), who initially swears fealty to her. She faces and defeats the Valovian Volga. When Volga challenges her again with the help of two King Dodongos, Wizzro betrays her to team with Volga. Cia defeats the two giant dragon lizards, Volga, and Wizzro, and the two finally become her willing minions.3
  • September 17. The Great Deku Tree, sensing the pending temporal crisis, calls upon Navi the Faerie to aid the legendary Hero, but to do so warily, as the Hero of Time himself is to be pulled into the adventure.4

September 20. Monster forces, led by Volga and Wizzro, attack Hyrulian villages on a path toward Hyrule Castle. Link (17), a soldier in the Castle Guard, impresses Princess Zelda (16) and her general, Impa (31). Navi the Faerie, as "Proxi", befriends Link. After Link and Impa defeat Volga, Wizzro attacks Hyrule Castle, and Zelda disappears. Impa invites Link into her inner circle, and gives Link the green tunic of the legendary Hero after she sees the Triforce of Courage appear on his hand.
September 21. The girl Linkle (17) learns of the monster attacks on Hyrule Castle. She dons a green hooded cape and takes her crossbows and mystical compass, and sets out to save the day, as she believes she is the reincarnation of the Hero. She heads off in the opposite direction of Hyrule Castle.
November 24-26. Impa (32) and Link lead an army toward the Faron Woods, hoping to find Zelda. Traveling through the Goron mines in the Eldin Caves, they are aided by the mysterious Sheik (17), who claims to be a Sheikah Warrior.
November 27. Impa, Link, and Sheik arrive in the Faron Woods, where they meet the mysterious sorceress Lana. After facing challenges together, including the spider monster Gohma, Lana joins their group.
November 28. Linkle arrives in the Faron Woods, where she is immediately attacked by the Skull Kid (1348) and his two faeries Tatl (1124) and Tael (1124) (all 2050), arrived through an errant Gate of Souls. The Skull Kid steals Linkle's compass, and Linkle fights monsters in her quest to get it back. She defeats the Skull Kid in battle, and he returns the item.
November 30. Link, Impa, Sheik, and Lana arrive at the Valley of Seers to confront Cia. After defeating the plant monster Manhandla, they confront Cia at the Gate of Souls. Wielding the Triforce of Power, she uses it to temporarily seize the Triforce of Courage from Link and the Triforce of Wisdom from Sheik. Now with the reality warping power of the Triforce, she rips apart space-time, transporting eras of the past into the present. Under the influence of Ganondorf, she draws three "fragments" of his material essence from the three eras, and she disappears. The heroes agree they must close the Gates of Souls in the three eras, and they split up: Impa and Sheik travel to the year 2059; Link to they year 1125; and Lana to 4077.
December 1. Upon closure of the Gates of Souls, Link returns with Fi in tow, Impa and Zelda (Sheik) with Darunia (50) and Ruto (18), and Lana with Midna (48) and Agitha (16). Cia's return results in the three fragments of Ganondorf's essence drawing together, restoring him bodily. With his connection to Cia, he disrupts her loose control of the Triforce, sending the Courage and Wisdom fragments back to their holders, Link and Zelda. Cia escapes Ganondorf with the Triforce of Power.
December 2. The Hyrule Warriors approach the Master Sword, and Link draws it. This act, while enabling Link to an unprecedented degree, inadvertently allows for Ganondorf's full incarnation.
December 14. Upon Cia's defeat at the hands of the Hyrule Warriors, her having drained herself of her energies, her body dissolves into nothingness, and Lana claims the Triforce of Power. The three wielders of the Triforce use its powers in conjunction, restoring Hyrule and closing the reality warps, allowing Fi, Darunia, Ruto, Midna, and Agitha to return to their own times.


January 19. Ganondorf, with a resurrected Ghirahim and Zant in tow, begins an invasion of Hyrule from his stronghold in the Gerudo Desert.
January 22. Ganondorf's forces reach the Temple of Souls, and he defeats Lana, drawing the Triforce of Power from her.
March 6. Ganondorf storms Hyrule Castle, defeating the Hyrulean forces and Link (17) and Zelda (17), drawing the Triforce of Courage and Triforce of Wisdom from them.
April 7. Zelda, Link, Lana, and Impa (32), with help from Fi, Midna (48), Agitha (16), Darunia (50), and Ruto (18) (all drawn by Lana back to this time from almost immediately after they departed prior), attack Hyrule Castle, Ganondorf's stronghold. Despite the vast power of the Triforce, with the Master Sword and the limited resources available to them, they are able to force Ganondorf into transforming into his Beast Ganon form in a last-ditch effort. Ganon is destroyed again by the Master Sword, and the Triforce disperses to Link, Zelda, and Lana. Link and set off to return the Master Sword to its pedestal, once again sealing Ganondorf.

  • April 8. While Link and Zelda are traveling, Hyrule Castle comes under attack by errant monsters left behind by Ganondorf's defeat. Impa and her soldiers fight, but are unable to stop the onslaught until they are joined by Linkle (17), who proves her great heroism.5

May 7-29. A shadow aspect of Ganondorf, Phantom Ganon, arrives in this era, and causes a further distortion of the world. Hyrule of the year 3063 begins encroaching on this era, with space-time warping to accommodate strange landmarks. The heroic pirate Tetra (10/3063) meets with the Link (17-18) of this era and Lana, whose Triforce of Power has been stolen. They are soon aided by the spirit of the late Hyrulean King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, who helps them track down the Phantom Ganon. As the distortions increase, a bevy of heroes from other eras appear: the previously displaced Fi, Midna, Agitha, Darunia, and Ruto, as well as: from Tetra's home year, the Hero of Winds Link (10), his sister Aryll (8), and the Sage of Earth Medli (10); from 3162, Tetra's future granddaughter Zelda (attached to a suit of armor) (10/3162), and that era's incarnation of Link (10), the Hero of Tracks; from 2050, the Hero of Time Link (10), Tingle (35), the Skull Kid (1348), Tatl (1124), and Tael (1124), with Link able to access the power of masks; from ???, Marin (), restored to her Hylian form by, and occasionally accompanied by, the Wind Fish; from ???, the unscrupulous merchant Revalio (), and the Gerudo sorcerer Yuga ().

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