Timeline: 100001-101000



  • The Mushroom War devastates the Third Earth Empire, resulting in the collapse of most civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Simon Petrikov (47) and Marceline Abadeer (7) are among the survivors of the Mushroom War's near annihilation of the population of Earth.


  • February 1. A bubblegum creature begins forming in the wreckage of Old New York on Earth.


Marceline Abadeer (20) is vampirized.


A one-armed ninja girl named Shoko takes a job for the Bath Boy Gang to steal the amulet of Bonnibel Bubblegum (250) of the Candy People. She befriends Bonnibel, even helping her construct the Gumball Guardians, but feels compelled to betray her friend. While escaping with the amulet, she falls in the radioactive river surrounding the settlement. Shoko drags her badly mutated body to the base of a tree, and dies.




  • The remnant of Tidus, a boy dead 1000 years, manifests at the Baaj Temple. He meets members of the Al Bhed tribe, including the young girl Rikku. When the monster Sin attacks, Tidus is knocked off the Al Bhed ship.1
  • Tidus washes up on Besaid Island, where he meets blitzball star Wakka. Wakka is also guardian of the summoner Yuna, and Tidus meets her and her other guardians, Lulu and the leonine Kimahri Ronso. When Yuna and her guardians set out on her quest to destroy Sin, Tidus joins them.2



  • September 4. A shape-shifter attacks Joshua the Dog, leaving him with a festering shape-changing boil. The boil births Jake the Dog. Joshua's wife, Margaret, adopts Jake as her own son.


August 20. Lady Rainicorn is born to Ethel and Bob Rainicorn in the Land of Ooo.


The mutated computer/entertainment system/artificial life-form BMO comes online for the first time in the Land of Ooo on Earth.


May 6. The Lumpy Space Princess is born to the Lumpy Space Queen and the Lumpy Space King in Lumpy Space in the Land of Ooo on Earth.


  • January 21. A child is born on Hub Island to the humans Minerva and Martin Mertens.

The Ooo Dogs Margaret and Joshua find a soiled human infant, and take him in. They name him Finn.


  • April 26. The whale Bubbie takes a newborn human child into her mouth to raise him. She names him Flapjack.



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