Timeline: 1000001-1000000000



  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka, and Vislor Turlough arrive on the colony planet Frontios. They manage to stop the generations-long attacks on the planet by underground Tractators.1



  • Roland Deschain (14) discovers his mother having an affair with Marten Broadcloak. In his fury, he challenges his mentor Cort in his battle of manhood to earn the title of gunslinger. He uses his hawk, David, and wins, though David dies from his injuries. That night, he goes to a prostitute and loses his virginity.2


The forces of the Anti-Spiral defeat the races of the Spiral. They force each species to return to its home planet, and place a cap on the population of those worlds. Humans return to Earth, and the human leader "Lord Genome" forces baseline humans into colonies under the surface of the planet, and creates humanoid hybrids to patrol the surface, lest the humans come near the million threshold for detection by the Anti-Spiral.


December 24. Simon is born in the subterranean village of Giha on Earth.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard, and C'rizz try to visit an untouched world, Endarra, and discover a research facility trying to isolate evil. The Doctor and C'rizz take a trip to the planet's ancient past to solve the mystery of a ghost little girl, while Charley meets the scientists' subject, a convicted murderer, Eunis Flood. Their experiments result in Flood gaining control of the planet's morphogenetic field, but the planet ultimately defeats him.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Benny Summerfield (2570) attend a peace conference between Shanquis and Erosia. Benny investigates a mysterious forbidden language, which turns out to be English, as it is an activation language for nanites, which causes effects that can be seen as magic. The Doctor disables the nanites, freeing Shaquis from their control.


The TARDIS is dragged by the effects of C'rizz's Absolver to the hell-planet Utebbadon-Tarria. The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard, and C'rizz help stop the deadly menace lurking there, and C'rizz sacrifices his life to stop it, turning to dust.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation), Henry Gordon Jago, and George Litefoot (both 1893) visit Venus in the far future, and are captured by the residents, an offshoot of the human species. They are soon caught up in a war between the human-derived Venusians and the reawakened Cytherian natives. With the use of song, Jago and Litefoot defeat an animal horde, and the Venusian empress is overthrown. Peace ensues.

1000000001-The End


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