Timeline: 1000000001-The End



  • A number of corrupt Time Lords move the planet Earth to a different location where it is immediately struck by an errant fireball, destroying most of the life on the planet, and eventually causing its society to regress to a pre-industrial superstitious state, save for the civilization living below ground, where a robot commands the survivors as slaves. The planet comes to be known as Ravolox.1
  • After the revelation to the Gallifreyan public of the crimes of these criminal Time Lords in 1986, Earth is diverged from Ravolox and allowed to continue its natural development in its normal location.2



  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (25) arrive on Ravolox. After meeting the con artist Sabalom Glitz (47), they bring about the liberation of Ravolox's society.3
  • Sabalom Glitz (48) is temporarily pulled by the Master into the year 1986 to testify on the Doctor's behalf during his trial.4
  • Ace McShane () is transported to the Nosferatu, the ship of Sabalom Glitz, through a "time storm" from her native 1987. In order to survive, she lets him take her virginity. He brings her to the planet Svartos, where she takes up a job as a waitress.
  • November 23. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush arrive at the planet Svartos on its dark side resort of Iceworld. There they run across old associate Sabalom Glitz. They also meet the displaced Ace McShane. The foursome defeat the exile Kane, who has massacred most of Iceworld's visitors, and then kills himself after learning his homeworld has been destroyed. The Nosferatu having been destroyed, Glitz takes Iceworld as his new ship, Nosferatu II. Mel decides to remain with Glitz to make sure he cleans up his act. Ace joins the Doctor on his travels.


  • After sixth months of travel with Sabalom Glitz, Mel Bush sets off on her own, seeking a way to her own time, or at least to Earth.

Mel Bush arrives on the planet Avalone, and gets stuck on the miserable pleasure planet.


  • Jason Conrad (2001) and the construct "Dr. Who" pick Melanie Bush up from Avalone.


  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) brings Clara Oswald () to the Rings of Akhaten. They disrupt a ceremony, but give their memories to a malevolent planet to try and stop it.5


  • February 27. Lady Cassandra O'Brien, inhabiting the body of one of her clone servants, comes upon her earlier self from this era (brought by the TARDIS, the Doctor ["tenth" incarnation], and Rose Tyler []) and dies.6


The Earth Empire declares the conquest of the Catkind homeworld, with formal annexation to follow in the year 5000000000. The planet immediately begins receiving financial aid, with advancement of its infrastructure. The planet is named "New Savannah". Most citizens welcome the change, but some reject the conquest, and flee to the outlying wilderness areas.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (1985) visit New Savannah, and Peri is immediately framed for the murder of a scientist. The Doctor defends her successfully, bluffing his way into getting the true killer to confess.


December 31. The Doctor (tenth incarnation) and Martha Jones (2008) arrive on New Savannah. They face a crisis.


January 1. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Martha Jones (2008) arrive on Omphalos and meet the evil Tharlot. He steals the TARDIS and transports them back to 1957. They return, and alongside a Pantheon of Higher beings and abducted races, they defeat Tharlot and his demon master.
March 29. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (2005) arrive to witness the consumption of the Earth by the Sun. They are pulled into a murder mystery and discover "The Last Human", a stretched piece of skin called Lady Cassandra O'Brien, is the culprit. Cassandra appears to die. The Doctor meets the Face of Boe.


May 11. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (2006) arrive on New Earth, a human colony world. The Doctor and Rose face the Lady Cassandra O'Brien again and uncover a conspiracy by the Sisterhood of Plentitude using fully conscious humanoid clones to create cures for diseases. They also encounter the Face of Boe again, and a young felinoid Novice Hame becomes caretaker of the Face to atone for her crimes.


October 16. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Martha Jones (2008) arrive at New Earth, and become involved in a giant deadly traffic jam. The Doctor ends up encountering the Face of Boe, who finally dies, but gives the Doctor a message, "You are not alone."


The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana (second incarnation), and K-9 (Mark II) are knocked by a temporal anomaly to this era. There they encounter a farcical war between Chelonian and human forces over the planet Barlow. This leads them to a reunion with Menlove Stokes, and face fem-droids with a secret, leading to the discovery of a hive mind of flies creating a cycle of war in order to feed on the carcasses of the dead in the aftermath. They manage to prevent full-scale war between the humans of Metralubit and the Chelonians, and take off into the vortex with the fly hive.


The Master (sixteenth incarnation) arrives in this era amnesiac and under the influence of a chameleon arch's fob watch.


The TARDIS arrives on Malcassairo at this point, bringing the Doctor ("tenth" incarnation), Martha Jones (22/2008), and Jack Harkness (270/2008). Meeting the humanoid scientist Yana and his Chantho assistant, they work to take some of the last survivors of the universe, beyond existence to survive the universe's imminent destruction. Yana's Time Lord consciousness is awoken, and he realizes he is the Master (sixteenth incarnation), and is soon shot by his assistant. He regenerates into his seventeenth incarnation, and steals the Doctor's TARDIS, taking it back to 2008. The Doctor, Martha, and Jack use Jack's repaired displacement device to return to 2008 as well.7


  • July 17. Time-traveler Orson Pink becomes stranded after his time capsule is knocked into this time.
  • July 17. The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) and later Clara Oswald (27/2016) arrive in this time, and help Orson Pink back to his own time.8
  • July 18. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Peri Brown () are pulled off-course in the TARDIS to the planet Chaos, suspended 66 minutes before the end of the universe. Peri disappears, displaced by the extra-dimensional Grace. A biological construct, a living Tracer of the Key to Time, is born, and the Doctor agrees to help her find the pieces. She takes a name, Amy, and they quickly find one of the pieces, a compass. They take off in search of the rest.9

July 18. The Doctor, Amy, Astra (2079), Zara, and others arrive on Chaos. The Time Lady Romana (second incarnation) shows up, having answered the Doctor's telepathic call. Romana is prepared to sacrifice herself, but Astra, having been a plague to her people, sacrifices herself. Zara reforms, the Black and White Guardians are defeated, and the Key is dispersed again, taken from the hands of the Grace. Amy decides to join Romana on Gallifrey. The Doctor heads out to find Peri, which he does shortly.
July 18. Abby and Zara find themselves on a ship in orbit of Chaos at the end of time. After confronting the Grace, and Marek's arrival and theft of Zara's daughter, they attempt to sacrifice themselves to restore the ship captain's daughter. He ends up sacrificing himself to the Grace for her restoration, and she declares the Tracers her enemies. The sisters rejoin Marek and Zara's daughter Joy, and they pledge to be agents of good in the universe.
July 18. A timeless pocket realm exists in the moment before the death of the universe known as Vanishing Point. This is the headquarters of the Time Trapper. Here he brings Pol Krinn to choose his destiny, causing a divergence. Here he also brings Lori Morning, allowing her to become Glorith.
July 18. During Pol Krinn's Time Trapped adventure, he visits Vanishing Point repeatedly. At one point he learns of three sacred items that will help him. At another, he receives the robot Bits. At yet another, he brings Bits here to be repaired after he gets severe radiation damage.
July 18. XS briefly visits here and meets the Time Trapper.
July 18. Kid Quantum and Golden Boy (both 3003) briefly visit this time, encountering the Time Trapper and his SW7 batch.
July 18. Rip Hunter and the Linear Men are variously stationed at Vanishing Point.
July 18. The SW1 Brainiac 5 and Largess encounter Thanot and Zoe Saugin, who are heralding the end of the universe. They allow Brainiac 5 to access the Source Wall, which is collapsing in on existence, so that he and his comrades can be reunited elsewhere.
July 18. The universe ends in the Big Crunch.


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