Timeline: 1000000000-150000001 BCE


999,999,942 BCE

  • January 16. Element Lad (1141) realizes his sanity is failing. He creates the creature Singularity as a failsafe against himself should he ever lose his moral center.

811,006,769 BCE

531,747,660 BCE

  • June 26. The entity that will one day be called It and Pennywise is spawned.

499,539,992 BCE

  • April 11. The entity Nagoob spawns Cthulhu on Vhoorl.

451,672,886 BCE

  • A Type-40 TARDIS arrives on Earth, carrying the Time Lords called the Doctor, Susan, and Stoyn. Stoyn teams up with aliens manipulating life's development on Earth. The Doctor and Susan's interference results in all parties getting stuck in suspended animation on the moon for millions of years.1

350,400,099 BCE

  • The powerful entity Cthulhu arrives on Earth. After a skirmish with various other entities, it settles on the island of R'lyeh.

255,285,459 BCE

  • The Manraloth attempt to forge a connection between themselves and the species they had come to know that had evolved to other planes. This attempt results in a massive psionic feedback that kills nearly all sapient life in the Milky Way Galaxy. In the aftermath, the surviving Manraloth, including Giriaenn, suspend themselves in states of zero entropy.2

225,616,125 BCE

  • The race called Nuwali are hired by the extra-dimensional Beyonders to create biological preserves throughout the cosmos. Their first attempt is on Earth, where they close off a tropical region populated with dinosaurs. This region will someday be known as the Savage Land.

175,806,841 BCE

  • The Great Chaos War between the Lumina and the Myndai ends in a battle over the planet Earth. The Myndai's base is buried, and the inhabitants enter suspended animation. The Lumina set up an outpost on Earth in preparation for the day the Myndai awaken.

139,157,807 BCE

  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (21), and Tegan Jovanka (21) travel on a Concorde plane from 1982 to this point. The Master (Tremas possession) is forced into a truce with the Doctor so as to leave this era.3

100,000,357 BCE

  • The creature later known as It and Pennywise arrives on Earth. Mike Hanlon and Richie Tozier (both 11/1958) are transported to this time due to a smoke hole ceremony. They witness the arrival and then disappear.4

75,001,978 BCE

  • Births: Xenu (March 13)

75,001,966 BCE

  • The galactic tyrant Xenu (12), with the help of a cabal of psychiatrists, gathers billions of his confederacy's citizens to Earth. Binding them to volcanoes, he kills them through the detonation of hydrogen bombs. The massive number of non-native deaths causes these alien essences to be trapped, and become malevolent spirits called thetans. Xenu makes the thetans watch a long movie.5
  • Rebels overthrow Xenu, and imprison him inside a mountain on Earth.6

67,105,946 BCE

  • May 17. An Ahgguu egg is left behind on Earth, and hatches.

64,105,940 BCE

  • A time machine carrying Scrooge McDuck (121), Launchpad McQuack (26), and triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck (all three 48) (all 1988 CE), arrives in this era. Scrooge inadvertently saves the life of the young Ahgguu "Bubba"7 (6), causing Bubba to bond with him. After Scrooge marks a cave so as to have prior claim, they depart, with Bubba and his pet Triceratops, Tootsie, stowing away.8

64,791,386 BCE

  • The Silurian Alliance is formed between the various sapient reptilian races of Earth.

64,780,203 BCE

64,780,149 BCE

  • September 25. A freighter carrying Adric (17), traveled back from 2526 CE, and followed by the TARDIS carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (21), and Tegan Jovanka (21), crashes into the planet Earth, causing the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction event. Adric dies upon the freighter's impact.9
  • With the impact, the Silurian civilization fractures. The Voth species creates starships and flee the planet. The D'ryze, Namuz, and Zewb go into suspended animation beneath the planet's surface. Vastra (54) is among those that goes to sleep.
  • At the same time as the impact, a fragment of a mindless evil entity crashes to Earth after severe temporal displacement.10

64,780,145 BCE

  • Mysto-temporal energies unsettled by the freighter impact result in a valley region on Earth becoming extremely fertile and lush. The temporal energies cause species that were long extinct in this era to spontaneously appear through rifts. Individuals and groups of numerous animal species, including the anachronistic ones, gain sapience in the region around the valley. The animals begin a trek toward the valley, motivated by pseudo-telepathic projection by the plant species within.11

64,780,077 BCE

  • Births: Petrie (November 13)

64,780,076 BCE

  • April 23. The brontosaurus12 Littlefoot hatches on Earth in the region east of the Great Valley. His mother and maternal grandparents are on-hand.13
  • May 3. The triceratops Cera hatches on Earth in the region east of the Great Valley.14

64,780,075 BCE

64,780,072 BCE

  • August 6. A great earthquake devastates the land east the Great Valley. The day it strikes, the young dinosaurs Littlefoot (4) and Cera (4) are nearly eaten by a tyrannosaur. Littlefoot's mother battles the predator, suffering fatal injuries. Littlefoot and Cera are separated from their families by a huge crevasse. After Littlefoot's mother dies, he gets a Tree Star (mystical leaf), which sets him off alone on his quest to reach the Great Valley.15
  • August 7. Littlefoot meets the young Saurolophus Ducky (3) and the young pteranodon Petrie (4), also separated from their families by the earthquake. They also find a stegosaur egg, which hatches. Ducky names the large infant Spike. They are subsequently joined by Cera.16
  • August 9. Littlefoot and his group manage to drown his mother's killer, and find their way to the Great Valley.17


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