Timeline: 1000000000-100000001 BCE


999,999,942 BCE

  • January 16. Jan Arrah, alone for a millennium, realizes his sanity is failing. He creates the creature Singularity as a failsafe against himself should he ever lose his moral center.

811,006,769 BCE

531,747,660 BCE

499,539,992 BCE

451,672,886 BCE

  • A Type-40 TARDIS arrives on Earth, carrying the Time Lords called the Doctor, Susan, and Stoyn. Stoyn teams up with aliens manipulating life's development on Earth. The Doctor and Susan's interference results in all parties getting stuck in suspended animation on the moon for millions of years.1

350,400,099 BCE

  • The powerful entity Cthulhu arrives on Earth. After a skirmish with various other entities, it settles on the island of R'lyeh.

255,285,459 BCE

  • The Manraloth attempt to forge a connection between themselves and the species they had come to know that had evolved to other planes. This attempt results in a massive psionic feedback that kills nearly all sapient life in the Milky Way Galaxy. In the aftermath, the surviving Manraloth, including Giriaenn, suspend themselves in states of zero entropy.2

225,616,125 BCE

  • The race called Nuwali are hired by the extra-dimensional Beyonders to create biological preserves throughout the cosmos. Their first attempt is on Earth, where they close off a tropical region populated with dinosaurs. This region will someday be known as the Savage Land.

175,806,841 BCE

  • The Great Chaos War between the Lumina and the Myndai ends in a battle over the planet Earth. The Myndai's base is buried, and the inhabitants enter suspended animation. The Lumina set up an outpost on Earth in preparation for the day the Myndai awaken.

139,157,807 BCE

  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka travel on a Concorde plane from 1982 to this point. The Master (Tremas possession) is forced into a truce with the Doctor so as to leave this era.3

100,000,357 BCE

  • The creature later known as It and Pennywise arrives on Earth. Mike Hanlon and Richie Tozier are transported from 1958 to this time due to a smoke hole ceremony. They witness the arrival and then disappear.4


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