Timeline: 1000000-150001 BCE


1,000,000 BCE

  • The powerful mystic Great Beasts, including Tanaraq, take over their homeworld.

999,944 BCE

  • Humanoid aliens happen upon the dimensional rift in the Himalaya Mountains of Earth. They begin settling there, earning the ire of the sapient plant creatures the H'ylthri. The humanoids name their realm K'un Lun.

555,554 BCE

  • The Decepticon League declares war on the Autobot Conclave.

496,122 BCE

  • The Matrix calls upon Orion Pax's spark after he is killed in a terrorist strike on Iacon by a Decepticon faction. He is transformed into Optimus Prime, and takes the role of field commander for Autobot troops.

496,038 BCE

392,813 BCE

309,050 BCE

  • Emperor Dorrek of the Skrull Empire enacts a new policy for expanding the empire: elevate other species to their level and make free trade agreements to engender good will, causing worlds to accede to membership in the Empire. As a pilot project, he and his emissaries visit the planet Hala, discovering two sapient species: the humanoid Kree and the plant-like Cotati. The Skrulls transport to Earth's moon a select group from each species to undergo a competition to determine which species the Skrulls will deal with directly, where they are given resources and one year to construct something impressive. The area of the moon they are deposited on is given a protective atmosphere, and dubbed the Blue Area.

309,049 BCE

  • Emperor Dorrek and his retinue return to Earth's moon to see the progress in the competition, and find the Kree have created a great city, while the Cotati have created a beautiful garden. Judging in favor of the Cotati, the Skrulls are subsequently overrun by the enraged Kree, who slaughter them and the Cotati there. The Kree killers manage to figure out how to use the Skrull ships and return to Hala, where they begin reverse engineering the Skrulls' technology.
  • The Kree begin a campaign of genocide against the Cotati. Small pockets of Kree sympathizers, the priests of Pama, attempt to hide as many Cotati as they can, and take the Cotati off-planet once it is available.
  • With the Blue Area abandoned, Uatu the Watcher sets up his base there.

308,949 BCE

  • The Kree Empire declares war on the Skrull Empire.

306,429 BCE

  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) visits Galyar, and destroys their tainted Shushkubra. He becomes a feared figure in their society.1

305,127 BCE

  • The entity Eru infuses the planet Arda with heavy mystical potential.

301,554 BCE

  • Some of the powerful Ainur species settle on Arda, and become the Valar and Maiar.

288,220 BCE

  • The Malar Melkor turns against his brethren, and the historical First War on Arda erupts.

256,986 BCE

  • With the arrival of Tulkas on Arda, the First War ends with Melkor's escape.

246,810 BCE

  • The Malthusian scientist Krona develops a space-time visualizer, and uses it to view the dawn of the universe. His actions having created the Anti-Monitor, he is discorporated by his fellow Malthusians and forced to wander the cosmos as a disembodied consciousness.

222,395 BCE

  • Melkor returns to Arda, and brings demonic entities with him, including his servant Sauron, as well as the Balrogs.

215,561 BCE

  • December 1. The demon Mephisto spawns in a hell-realm adjacent to Earth.

209,658 BCE

  • The female underclass on the Drahvin homeworld overthrows the men, using clones and selective breeding to continue the race, with only a few males kept as breeding stock.

190,750 BCE

  • April 18. Kree scientists, in hopes of building a cosmic cube, create the powerful biological super computer they dub the Supreme Intelligence.
  • The Supreme Intelligence rejects the idea of creating a cosmic cube as too dangerous.

184,333 BCE

173,486 BCE

  • On Arda, Melkor begins breeding the Orc and Troll races through captured Elf slaves.

168,911 BCE

  • September 16. The "Beast Wars" begin on Earth, fought by temporally-displaced Cybertronian factions, the Maximals and Predacons, from 2364. The Cybertronians, upon arriving on Earth, use their scanning devices to take on forms similar to native fauna in order to survive the Energon-rich planet. Optimus Primal's (35) group, on the starship Axalon, including Rodox (198), Chaseplane (5), and Retrograde (198), become Rhinox, Cheetor, and Rattrap, respectively. Axalon ejects numerous stasis pods into the atmosphere, many of which fall to Earth. Megatron's (35) crew (Dracobot [25]), Terrorswoop [25], Strafenok [25], Warpinator [15], and Tormentulus [35]) adopt new forms (Dinobot, Terrorsaur, Scorponok, Waspinator, and Tarantulas). Dinobot attempts to usurp power from Megatron, fails, and he joins the band of Maximals.2
  • December 30. A Stasis Pod crashes and is born as the Maximal Tigatron.3

168,910 BCE

  • January 14. A Stasis Pod crashes on Earth. The Predacons' Tarantulas (35) is the first to reach it, and he births it as a spider: Blackarachnia.4
  • April 13. Megatron (36) creates a fully biological clone of Dinobot to infiltrate the Maximals, but it fails in its mission and the original Dinobot (26) eats it.5
  • April 29. Another Stasis Pod crashes to Earth. Damaged in the crash, Rhinox (198) manages to bring it online as Cheetor (6) defends their position against an intense assault. The protoform, using hawk DNA, awakens to become Airazor and help defeat the attacking Predacons.6
  • June 20. A fourth Stasis Pod crashes to Earth. Tarantulas (36) and Blackarachnia's attempts to create another spider Transformer result in the protoform being insane. Based on a fire ant, it is born as Inferno. He believes Megatron is their queen ant.7
  • August 3. The eternal Spark of Starscream (temporally displaced) briefly possesses Waspinator (26).8
  • September 18. The Vok attempt to destroy Earth with their false moon weapon via ignition of the seeded Energon. Optimus Primal (36) goes on a mission to sabotage the Vok's super-weapon. His escape is blocked by Megatron's deviousness, and he is killed.9
  • September 18. The explosion of the false moon sends all the orbiting Stasis Pods to the Earth’s surface and releases an energy pulse that forces all unprotected Cybertronians not native to Earth to be mutated: Megatron, Tarantulas, Rattrap (199), and Cheetor. Terrorsaur (26) and Scorponok (26) are apparently killed, falling into molten lava. Two of the surviving Protoforms, Silverbolt and Quickstrike, are born, and recruited to the Predacon side. As "fuzors", they have bizarre hybrid animal bases: Silverbolt a wolf and an eagle, and Quickstrike a cobra and a scorpion. Many of the crashed Stasis Pods’ Protoforms do not survive the landing, resulting in dozens of Sparkless bodies. Rhinox (199) channels Optimus Primal’s Spark into one of these bodies, using a very brief window of access to the Matrix opened by the Transwarp Explosion. Silverbolt defects to the Maximals' side.10

168,909 BCE

  • January 2. Airazor and Tigatron (1) are kidnapped by the Vok. Megatron (37) begins to use the stolen Golden Disk to predict the future.11
  • February 6. Another Stasis Pod containing a surviving Protoform is discovered. It is Protoform X, soon to be called Rampage, and the new Transformer (who had a previous life as a psychopath) is enslaved by Megatron.12
  • March 19. Megatron attempts to wipe out a band of Protohumans. The Maximal Dinobot (27), battles Megatron and his entire group. He is severely damaged during the battle, but manages to defeat and drive them all away. Found by his Maximal allies, Dinobot dies, believing he has atoned for all dishonorable acts he's committed.13
  • June 23. The former Decepticon Ravage (2370) (now a Predacon) arrives from the future in response to the transwarp wave. Initially joining the Maximals, he turns to Megatron's side after seeing propaganda. Ravage dies when Rattrap (1999) blows up his ship.14
  • June 24. Megatron, infiltrating the Autobot ship Ark, attempts to alter the future by assassinating the dormant Optimus Prime. During the conflict, Blackarachnia (1) defects to the Maximals' side after beginning a relationship with Maximal Silverbolt, and realizing her own existence is endangered by wiping the Maximals from existence. Megatron succeeds in terminally damaging Prime’s body, but as the body heals, Prime’s Spark is successfully stored within Optimus Primal’s (37) body, resulting in the latter’s further mutation. Megatron destroys Axalon, and the Maximals move into Ark to protect it from further temporal incursion.15
  • October 25. The Maximal Depth Charge (37/2370) arrives from the future, caught in his present’s end of the transwarp explosion, joining the Maximal faction. He is seeking Protoform X.16

168,908 BCE

  • January 24. Megatron (37) creates a Cybertronian based on Dinobot’s beast form’s DNA. The incident also results in Cheetor (8) getting a further mutation.17
  • February 21. Blackarachnia (2) transforms into a Transmetal II.18
  • February 28. When Tarantulas (38) and Quickstrike (1) betray Megatron (38) after he takes the original Megatron's Spark within, he emerges from lava in a new dragon form.19
  • March 3. The Vok, sensing the temporal disruption, merge the bodies of Airazor (1) and Tigatron (2) into “Tigerhawk", and attempt to use this vessel to kill Megatron. Tarantulas interferes with their control of Tigerhawk, and the coexisting Sparks of Tigatron and Airazor take over, who join the Maximals. Tarantulas is slain by the Vok.20
  • March 7. Megatron unearths the Decepticon ship Nemesis. Outside the ship, Depth Charge (38) and Rampage (1) engage in pitched battle. Depth Charge stabs Rampage directly into his Spark with a shard of raw Energon. The massive explosion kills them both. The death of Rampage, half his Spark within the Dinobot clone, causes that body to become hollow, and the Spark of Dinobot occupies it. Megatron pilots Nemesis into the sky, and begins attacking everything. Tigerhawk is destroyed when it fights the warship directly, despite its massive power. Megatron fires Nemesis's weapons on a protohuman, resulting in the deaths of Quickstrike (1) and Inferno (1). Megatron attempts to destroy Ark. Optimus Primal (38) makes it onto Nemesis, battling Megatron directly. Dinobot betrays Megatron, his sense of honor returned, allowing the Maximals to find an Autobot shuttle that Rhinox (200) pilots, forcing Nemesis to crash. Dinobot is killed in the crash. The Maximals, having captured Megatron, return the original Megatron's Spark to its rightful body. The Maximals (Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap [200], Blackarachnia, and Silverbolt [1]) take the Autobot shuttle, which holds a transwarp drive, back to Cybertron, strapping Megatron to the outside of the ship.21
  • Waspinator (28), having quit the Predacon faction, remains behind, briefly enjoying the worship of the protohumans.22

168,904 BCE

  • The Transformer Tarantulas finds himself spontaneously resurrected, his Spark restored through the remnants of the energies of Vok who had unwittingly been killed in destroying him. Sensing the renewed threat, the Vok return to Earth, and begin gathering a new team of defenders to try and stop Tarantulas. Using the Matrix of Leadership in the dormant Optimus Prime, they create "Primal Prime" from Quickstrike's Optimus Primal exo-suit, whose Spark is donated by the Matrix on Cybertron. The binary Sparks of Tigatron and Airazor, tied to Earth in this era, are reborn in new bodies and as separate individuals again.23
  • Tarantulas begins harvesting the other surviving protoforms, bringing Razorclaw, Iguanus, and Spittor to consciousness. He also enlists the aid of the mysteriously preexisting Predacon Fractyl, and a somehow resurrected Ravage. The Maximals bring a Protoform online as Ramulus, and are joined by the rogue Maximal Packrat, who had remained hidden and neutral throughout most of the Beast Wars.24

151,247 BCE


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