Timeline: 100000-99211 BCE


99651 BCE

  • On Earth, a pregnant female protohuman is killed by a male. Her soul, and that of the unborn child, are preserved through temporal/mystical manipulation.1

99380 BCE

  • The Skrull Empire moves its seat of government to the more centrally-located Tarnax IV.

99253 BCE

99248 BCE

99244 BCE

99243 BCE

99234 BCE

  • Civil war erupts on Tauron as the Ha'la'tha group rebels against the corrupt government.
  • November 9. Tauron Herac agents murder Isabelle Adama while questioning her husband over the murder of one of their agents. Young Sam Adama kills the Heracs, while older brother Joseph shoots his father in a mercy killing. The two boys escape and are taken in by the Guatrau.2

99232 BCE

  • The Tauron Civil War ends.

99221 BCE

99220 BCE

99215 BCE

  • April 14. William Adams is born to Shannon and Joseph Adams (28) in Caprica City, Caprica.


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