Timeline: 10000-8001 BCE


9380 BCE

9090 BCE

8986 BCE

8573 BCE

8445 BCE

8433 BCE

  • In Canaan, Jebediah (12) is empowered by a group of mystical beings. He uses the magic word "VLAREM!" to transform into the Champion. He renames himself Shazam.

8374 BCE

8355 BCE

8345 BCE

8340 BCE

  • The young barbarian Conan (15) has his first clash with Aquilonian agents.

8327 BCE

  • A group of bandits invade a village in Hykrania. They murder the entire family of Red Sonja (17), and rape and beat her. She is rescued by a goddess, who gives her amazing fighting skills.

8324 BCE

  • Kulan Gath (50) binds his essence to a magical amulet, allowing him to survive death itself.

8271 BCE

8262 BCE

8235 BCE

  • June 23. The extra-dimensional alien Ulluxy'l Kwan Tae Syn arrives on Earth in Scandinavia. Bringing with him the Hellfire Helix, an evil being dwelling within a stone called the Bloodgem, he seeks out a host for it, luring a local hunter (26). When Ulluxy'l and the hunter fight, the Bloodgem is shattered, part of it fusing to the hunter's chest. The explosion renders the hunter immortal and ageless, but the rest of his tribe is killed. He swears revenge, eventually taking on the name Ulysses Bloodstone. Ulluxy'l begins seeking the widely dispersed Bloodgem.

June 23. Another man finds a fragment of the Bloodgem, whose energies mutate him, giving him psionic powers. He adopts the identity of the Warlock.

8227 BCE

  • September 15. Altean sovereigns Melenor and Alfor welcome the birth of their daughter Allura.

8202 BCE

  • September 19-22. The "scientist" Akronas discovers the Celestial Nucleus, a powerful item that can be used as a weapon. He realizes he is now the target of his old student Zor, and so sends his daughter, Mila, to find another one of his old students, Ator, to stop Zor. Zor captures Akronas, and sends his forces after Mila. Mila finds Ator and his silent friend Thong, and the three of them return, defeating Zor's men. Thong kills Zor. Ator departs Akronas's side to destroy the Celestial Nucleus, traveling a distance and setting off a thermonuclear explosion. Magicks allow for the containment of the explosion.2

8194 BCE

  • The immortal brain of Eshu seizes control of the derelict Plodex vessel's computer systems. It constructs him a new body.

8111 BCE

  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and living Key to Time Tracer Amy arrive on Mars seeking a piece of the Key. They meet Reptilian "Ice" Martians and are welcomed as guests. They come across the other Tracer, who takes the name Zara, and her associate Harmonious 14 Zink. The piece of the Key, disguised as a capstone on one of their pyramids, causes the formation of a temporary singularity, resulting in the planet undergoing devastating tectonic shifts. Zara absconds with the piece, leaving Mars to be decimated. The Martian magistrate Isskar kills Zink, and the Doctor and Amy escape in the TARDIS.

Mars's ecology undergoes violent shifts for the next thirty years. The Martian Reptilians' society transforms to a martial society, while the more adaptable Green and White Martians weather the changes with little change in their cultures.

8085 BCE

  • James MacDonald Hudson (38/1997) is catapulted back in space/time to this date on the Jovian moon Ganymede. The native Quwrlln find his nearly dead body, and restore him, but unknowingly fuse him to his suit, turning him into a cyborg. Hudson asks to be placed in suspended animation until such time that he can return home to Earth.

8080 BCE

  • The Ice Lord Izdaal dies in showing the Ice Warriors that they must evacuate Mars, as its lack of ultraviolet radiation filter is now lethal for their people. A mass exodus begins, with some Ice Warriors moving underground and into suspended animation, and others doing the same on the moon Deimos.

8070 BCE

  • The creature called Ōgon Bat comes into existence.


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