Timeline: 100-51 BCE


100 BCE

87 BCE

March 29. Han Emperor Wu (68) of China dies.

80 BCE

79 BCE

May 1. Surak is born to T’Leia and Stef on Vulcan.

75 BCE

A Dalek ship crashes in southern Great Britain island. The Dalek survivor enslaves a local tribe of Britons.1

72 BCE

Births: Skurge (July 11)

69 BCE

February 27. Cleopatra VII is born in Alexandria, Egypt.

64 BCE

April 1. Fawzia is born in Tehran, Persia, Parthian Empire.

63 BCE

September 23. Octavian is born in Rome, Roman Republic.

55 BCE

  • September. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Winston Churchill (71/1946), and Kazran Sardick (16/4344) arrive on the island of Great Britain. The Doctor and his TARDIS disappear for several hours due to a temporal synchronization error. Churchill and Kazran find themselves pulled into the conflict between the Romans and Britons. They help stop a Dalek that had enslaved some of the Britons, who ends up dying in an explosion while attempting to take off. Roman Emperor Julius Caesar (45) and local Briton Queen Tristahna call for a truce in honor of Churchill and Kazran, who they believe are killed.2


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